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What Reddit finds funny 

There are many fractured communities on the internet.  One such is the great boogeyman known as Reddit.  Hiding behind that friendly smiling alien are clusters of scientists and villainy that would make Nancy Reagan blush.  It’s also become the go-to place for a lot of folks to check out webcomics.

So what makes people laugh on Reddit?  Given its generally ephemeral nature, the comics most likely to succeed are gag strips that don’t require much of a commitment beyond the ten seconds it takes to make you laugh.  Sorry, Girl Genius!  You’re just going to have to cry yourself to sleep with all those googly-eyed Hugo Awards.

What else? Well, we don’t have to speculate.  Let’s take a tour of the Best of Reddit!

The “hottest” webcomic coming out of Reddit is this piece from College Humor… and frankly, given the reputation of both College Humor and Reddit, this comes off as really tame.  They’re talking about food, the guy is being passive aggressive, no one has a nose… for serious, this could easily pass as a Cathy strip.  Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!  AAAACCCKKK! And yet… it’s got a staggering 1,826 upvotes.

The second comes from Derek Achoy’s stick figure comic Smiling Ribs.  First off, I didn’t realize people were still into this style.  I guess the lesson here is the more primitive a comic looks, the more successful it will be.  Eat it, Lackadaisy Cats! Secondly, this totally upends what I thought the typical Reddit reader looked like.  I thought Reddit was primarily Millenials.  But that fact that this got 1,103 upvotes made me realize that Reddit readers are all eligible for AARP.  It… actually explains a lot of things.

Finally, we get something closer to what I expect from Reddit with Robospunk.  The site is apparently on a Tumblr platform… and maybe it’s just me but Tumblr and Reddit sounds like an unholy marriage.  Anyway, the punchline is something callled Eternally Bleeding Skeleton, which is very webcomics.  Put that jazz on a t-shirt, yo.

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