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One Punch Reviews #16: Kiskaloo

So who is this Chris Sanders guy? What are his vital stats? A/S/L, if you will? First off, the man looks a little like Anthony Bourdain. Second, the man’s got great taste in the ladies. His cheesecake art gravitates toward a healthier, tanned, and more rounded (yet not overweight) feminine form. I imagine him looking at those beanpole dames in the magazines and going, “You ain’t it, Ms. Thing!”

Let’s, what else? Oh, yeah, he was also the director of Disney’s Lilo & Stitch, taking an active part in all aspects, not the least of which was the artistic direction. That achievement is wack. Heck, Chris Sanders represents the sort of guy I wanted to be when I grew up (save the Anthony Bourdain resemblance). Things haven’t been going so well between him and Disney lately, what with them hijacking his project American Dog (now called Bolt and starring, ugh, John Travolta and Miley Cyrus). But Sanders’ unique approach to cartoons lives on, most prominently on his own webcomic called Kiskaloo.

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More joy of webcomics

Best Con Ever! So what’s the best Con ever? Let Angela Malick take you to a magical place in her autobiographical webcomic, Wasted Talent.

Does this art look familiar? It should! Chris Sanders, after all, was responsible for the artistic direction of the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch. Despite being a fairly busy man (he’s over at Dreamworks directing another feature film), he sets aside time to draw his own webcomic. Kiskaloo is a story about a cat that goes on absurd adventures. It’s currently on strip #24. After strip #25, it’s moving to its own domain name, Expect a review on this site after that happens.

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