Wither Cyanide & Happiness?

The precipitous drop of Cyanide & Happiness readership seems at first to be alarming.  Its contemporaries have managed to hold on to its readership over the years.  Cyanide & Happiness seems to be shedding them.  Why?  Is it because the webcomic, at its core, is really juvenile, and as readers grow up they stop reading stuff where the punchline is generally someone exposing their buttocks? It’s like Jim Henson’s rule that a Muppet Show segment must end one of two ways, only it’s butts.

I think that my theory may still be sound, since Cyanide & Happiness did the smart thing and followed their audience.  In other words, they went to YouTube.  As Dave McElfatrick mentioned in The Observer: “Right now, our comics are no longer our primary income stream. They used to be for many years, but since then our business has had to change and adapt to the shifting tides of the Internet—it’s been a difficult transition at times, but we’re still able to do what we love doing, which is the ultimate blessing, really.”

The strategy seems to be paying off.  Their channel is approaching 7 million subscribers, and the cartoons are of generally high quality.  This isn’t Blind Ferret’s CAD toons… or even (sigh) Blind Ferret’s Tiny Dick Briefs.  It’s got good voice acting and decent animation.

Check out this Bear Grylls parody, which as of this writing has 11 million views.

Yeah, it basically boils down to some guy exposing his naked buttocks.  But, God help me, I laughed.


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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. Gotta ask since you did mention them, what are your thoughts on the current animations being put out by BFE? Also, what do you think of Ryan Sohmer demanding that one video must get a certain amount of views before he releases the next one?

    • Didn’t know that about Sohmer. I guess it’s a decent policy to gauge if there’s viewer interest, kinda like Kickstarter. I … just don’t find his videos all that funny.

  2. Well the thing is, I think he’s starting to see that people don’t really care for the LICD cartoons and really prefer the LFG ones. He said that the latest LICD one is already completed but that he wouldn’t release it until it got 100K views. That was a month ago and it’s only gotten a little over 10K views.
    Compare that with the LFG video put out last week, that’s already gotten over 100K views.
    I still read LICD daily but lately it feels like it’s lost it’s way and the more I thought about it, the more I saw that this had been so for a LONG time and was just noticing recently.
    That and he annoyed a LOT of people with the LICD pilot

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