What your Twitter icon says about you

Social media is perhaps the most effective way currently to get other people to know about webcomics.  Sharing, linking, and posting panels are a great way for a webcomic to build an audience.  But how do you sort through the clutter?  According to Digital Information World, about 71% of tweets are ignored.   Meanwhile, as The Observer noted, the Internet has moved to a point where fewer and fewer people move out of Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. How do you even get someone to give a webcomic a first look on interfaces that are meant to reward only those with short attention spans?

One way is to have a catchy logo.  Logos help to separate the clutter that builds up on the left side of the Twitter app.  Great ones communicate many ideas in just one single and simple image.  This only gains more power through repetition, something that Twitter, especially, is built for.  Here are a few Twitter icons from popular webcomic-related sites.


Penny Arcade: The uber-simplistic Twitter icon very much says, “We are serious and corporate.”  This is the sort of icon you aren’t ashamed bring to your board room meetings with the investors.  I do like how Penny Arcade also tries to own the color orange, though it does clash with some fundamentals here.  For a company based in the Pacific Northwest and is associated with technology and video games, they picked a color best associated with the Denver Broncos and storage rental facilities.

Rating: 3/5



The Oatmeal: Matt Inman recently has been on a crusade to disabuse people about their guilt over loving sweets.  So it’s kinda appropriate that his twitter handle is some guy who is overjoyed beyond all human measure standing in front of what looks like a giant lollipop.

Rating: 4/5


Ctrl+Alt+Del:  This is basically just a screenshot of the site’s header.  Which is not WRONG, per se… but given Twitter’s tiny amount of real estate it make so much more sense to make that green logo front and center.  Weirdly, this is the second video game webcomic on here, and neither actually screams video games at first glance.  I guess everyone’s too good for pixel art these days?

Rating: 3/5


Dinosaur Comics: Hey, it’s the dinosaur from Dinosaur Comics?  What did you expect?  It’s a comic that recycles the exact same panels from strip to the next.  Did you expect Ryan North to go nuts here?  Look, it’s not like it’s exactly surprising that this is what the Twitter icon would look like.  It’s just sort of the Twitter icon version of the Toyota Corolla.  Works well, but, you know, not that exciting.

Rating: 3/5



Topatoco: Webcomic-related online retailer Topatoco typically has a more streamlined-looking mascot.  However, their twitter handle scuffs up that perfect skin with a series of unsightly lesions to the point that he looks more like a flying potato.  I’m going to guess this was drawn by webcomic artist, KC Green, so I’m inclined to give it a pass, but to me it looks like the little guy needs to go to the doctor to have that rash checked out.

Rating: 2/5


Questionable Content: It’s a farting anime girl.


Rating: 5/5



Wait what the heck is this garbage?  This is clearly something made from one of those cheap icon-creating apps.  Rating: 0/5


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