So yeah, Axe Cop


So this is what my free comics are bagged in today. Truly a first for webcomics.


Also unexpected: Axe Cop action figures?!?!! Huh.


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  1. In completely unrelated news, as I write this comment the “latest comments” section on the sidebar is completely overriden with spammers.

    El Santo, you are missed. 😐

    • What spammers? I don’t know what you’re talking about. :p

      Man, I keep trying to clear some time up in my schedule to update this site, but the Robot 6 gig is surprisingly involved. Writing 4 short reviews a week can be pretty time consuming. Also my other free time got eaten up too. (I just volunteered at the Special Olympics this weekend, for example.) I don’t know when I’ll get the free time to update this site… though as a consolation I’m still writing about webcomics. (Just not here lately.)

      • Professional Mole

        Well,dang. =/ Can’t complain much, though, I know how it goes when you get another venue. (There’s a horrible webcomic review blog somewhere out there being filled with spammers as we speak, I bet :V)

        Maybe I should start catching up with Robot 6, but I’m in that lethargic interval where I’m being slowly forced to transition from one source of news and entertainment to another(happened when I had to find another site after Websnark crawled to a halt. I think that time was when I finally migrated to here. 😛

        In completely unrelated news, any word about Patreon and webcomics(seems to be the current go-to method of monetizing content)? Or maybe you have already wrote about that on Robot6? I really gotta check that site out. 😐

        • That’s the first I’ve heard of Patreon. Who’s using it? it definitely sounds like something to check out.

          If you’re curious about Robot 6, here’s all the pieces I’ve written so far: Much of it is catching up with webcomics I’ve reviewed before.

          • Professional Mole

            I’m not a good judge on the trends of internet services, but Patreon is looking promising so far(more than Flattr, at least). So far I’ve seen Zach Weiner(SMBC), Kelly Turnbull(Manly Guys Doing Manly Things; BTW, you ever reviewed this one? If not, I recommend, it’s awesome), Tom Bancroft(Outnumbered), and a good load of vloggers.

            Clicked the link and will check out more(later, when my workshift is near the end). Also, another recommendation: Tagged(, a recent comic about wrestling.

            Because, come on. :V (Also, it’s been pretty good so far)

          • A comic about wrestling? Say no more! *zip*

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