Robot 6: Heroes and pugs and bears, oh my!

Here’s my latest updates on Comic Book Resources blog, Robot 6:

  • Earlier this week, I reviewed JL8, Yar Stewart’s webcomic where the Justice League are little kids doing little kid stuff.
  • Today, I got two reviews posted. The first is for Bearmageddon, Ethan Nicolle’s other webcomic. It’s about bears.
  • The second is a review of Battlepug, Mike Norton’s webcomic about a barbarian and a big dog.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to create a backlog of Robot 6 pieces so I can post a new review on this site eventually. That should be forthcoming any day now. Aaaaannnny day now.

The challenge here, personally, is trying to find time reading new webcomics while keeping up to date with the review schedule at the Robot 6 site. Like, I have read all three of the comics previously, but I found I basically had to reread them to get up to speed with the latest webcomic updates.

Thanks for your patience regular readers. I am going to try to get a new review up by the end of next week at least.


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