Discussion: rereading old webcomics?


It turns out that I was super busy last week. My football team, the Seattle Seahawks had won the Super Bowl, something which was directly tied to a number of ancillary events. Super Bowl parties everywhere, freezing my toes off at the victory parade, etc.

And now there’s the Olympics, which I can zone out in front of for hours on end while an unknown athlete (to me, anyway) places gold in a sport I don’t follow. It’s hypnotizing. I’m usually not very patient, but I can mainline twelve or so speed-skating competitions in a row.

Between that, though, I’ve been reading an old webcomic. Namely, Problem Sleuth (reviewed here). It’s probably because I’ve been reviewing Homestuck lately, and I was curious to see if it held up. The last time I’d read it was in … 2010?!?!? (Good Lord, where did the time go?)

Despite being less polished (especially the inventory system, which I can see being more animated in the Homestuck era), I found myself enjoying it a lot. The story actually breezed by a lot more now that I knew when, exactly, the story would ramp up from adventure game parody to a world populated by parallel-dimension characters.

I also found myself increasingly amused by how much of Problem Sleuth paralleled Homestuck. (For example, I’d forgotten about the plugged-in windows that were portals to a world of imagination. And that the afterlife took place on very Homestuck-y lotus flowers.)

This was also the first time I’ve read a comic that I’d already finished. Perhaps it was that magical Olympic influence: the constant drum of something repetitive and familiar made me very receptive about rereading a webcomic I’d finished some time ago.

So here’s a question for y’all: have you ever felt the need to reread a webcomic you’d already finished? Perhaps to either see if it was as good as you remembered… or to gain a new perspective on the comic?


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  1. I would say yes. I think it is worth rereviewing old comics.

  2. I reread comics all the time, though it depends on their archives. Not just for the reviews, but because I like watching the things progress. It’s why I love getting print collections so I can do so easily.

    The only problem is when they get past 1000 updates, then it can get hard since you have to wait for the page to load and such.

  3. Yes I do, but usually with ongoing webcomics I read at the moment, to better immerse myself into the story.

  4. Absolutely worth reading the old. Especially if it’s new to me!

  5. The most I’m doing is rereading David WIllis’s Roomies! comic as he reposts it to his “Bring Back Roomies!” site.

  6. I re-read Kid Radd about once a year or so. It takes a bit for the story to really ramp up past the initial set-up, and there are a couple of jokes that run on a bit too long, but the whole thing can be finished in a day, it had some cunning and innovative webcomic tricks for its time, and the writing, plot, and character development are top notch. Beyond that, I think I’ve only ever re-read a handful of webcomics: Homestuck to catch things I’ve missed, Captain SNES when it actually started updating again and I’d forgotten a lot of it, Sluggy Freelance for mostly the same reason (except that I stopped reading for a while instead of it stopped updating), Problem Sleuth and Adventurers! because I enjoyed them (although I’d forgotten how hard it is to get through the first part of the latter)… even then, most of those were some time ago. I should probably go back and tackle a few old favorites again when I have time…

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