Homestuck finale not due until… oh, second quarter of 2014 probably


Y’all lied to me.

Y’all told me that Homestuck was coming to an end soon. Y’ALL TOLD ME, DAWG. Well, not according to Andrew Hussie, who had this to say on his site:

It’s almost over, right? Um, no, sorry. I still have no time estimate, or specific date I am shooting for. 4/13 would be the COOLEST date to shoot for, right? I doubt that’s realistic though. Because in spite of my most religious wishes every single day, magic keeps on being fake. THANKS, “god”.

What is the status, then? The status is this. Since pausing, basically all I have been doing is writing. No drawing or animation yet. Writing, writing, writing. Writing for Homestuck, and writing for the adventure game. More time has been allocated to the latter. The game is a big, big project. Let’s not kid ourselves here. It’s like this whole new major story and everything, fueled by millions of dollars. That’s a very different situation from Homestuck, which is usually fueled by approximately zero dollars.

Homestuck probably needs another month of writing before I can start making panels. Not even to speak of Flash work. And of course, game development looms over everything as well. This feels totally different from the usual routine of write-draw-post, write-draw-post, write-draw-post, ad infinitum. Writing everything out beforehand is peculiar. And by peculiar I mean “totally conventional”, in most other creative contexts. Let’s see how that approach pans out.

So that puts it at least two months out now. Second quarter of 2014, I call it … or Q2 2014 as the cool Wall Street tycoon types like to abbreviate it. I place the blame on you Kickstarter contributors, who have clearly taxed Hussie as he is now working on that adventure game rather than on finishing his webcomic. In any case, I am also targeting my review of Homestuck Act 6, which should either be up at the end of this week or… I don’t know, infinity o’clock. (Strangely, I can totally sympathize with Hussie about focusing on the money-making aspects of life over what is essentially a passion project.)


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  1. So, one of these days one random piece of fanart threw me to the Homestuck wiki and… and that’s when I realized there are now double the trolls and also these green skull people I completely forgot who they are(which is good, because I guess they’re supposed to be a big spoiler or something).

    What I mean is: I feel your pain.

  2. Reepicheep-chan

    “Soon” is relative, ok!?

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