Battlepug wins the 2013 Harvey Awards for Best Online Comics Work

The Harvey Awards were announced this weekend at the Baltimore Comic-Con. Among those were the award for Best Online Comics Work, which generally has gone to works that are more easily identifiable as webcomics than, say, the Eisner Award winners. Past winners, for example, include American Elf, PvP, Perry Bible Fellowship, and Hark! A Vagrant.

This time, the award’s going to a large dog, a Conan the Barbarian fellow, and a naked lady telling the story. That’s right: Mike Norton picks up a Harvey Award in addition to his already-won Eisner for Battlepug. The other nominees included Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin for Bandette, Lora Innes for The Dreamer, Noelle Stevenson for Nimona, and Dave Kellett for Sheldon.

(h/t Robot 6)


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