Metapost: A quick Homestuck aside

Just a quick aside about the next review: initially my plan was to split the Homestuck review into write-ups of Acts 1-4 and Acts 5-6. That was the past. I was not prepared for how long Act 5 was. I’m pretty sure I have actually reached a point where Act 5 is longer than the entirety of Acts 1-4. So…. Act 5 and Act 6 are getting separate reviews. (Seriously, my nights are now filled up read/keeping track of Homestuck. It is not an unpleasant experience, but there are many times when I’m looking up at the clock, it is 2:00 am, and I had been spending the previous 5 hours reading a webcomic. You might say that in the evenings, I have become … homestuck myself. Badum-tisshhh.)

Also, there might be a quick, non-Homestuck digital comic review up tomorrow. About Batman.


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