Poll: Which Andrew Hussie joint is superior?

I have begun a journey some years in the making.  Yes, last time I finally buckled down and started reading Act 3 of Homestuck in preparation for an upcoming review.  Now, I’m not as of this moment qualified to make a value judgment, but quite a few opinionated online denizens seem to to prefer it to the earlier Problem Sleuth (which I quite liked).  This got me to thinking: which Andrew Hussie project reigns supreme?


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  1. Problem Sleuth (and by some extension, Jailbreak and Bard Quest) is to Homestuck as The Hobbit is to Lord of the Rings. Except for the fact that Homestuck isn’t actually a plot-connected sequel, it’s practically a perfect analogy… okay maybe not perfect, but I’d say it’s pretty close. That doesn’t mean you’ll like Homestuck if you liked LotR or vice versa, or that you’ll like Homestuck if you liked Problem Sleuth: there are plenty of people who liked The Hobbit but think LotR is worse, for many of the same or similar reasons that people who like PS think Homestuck is worse (and they’re often valid complaints, albeit not things that are always problems for everyone). For the record, I like both of the longer, more complex works better, though I do still love PS and The Hobbit as well.

    Note that I used books to make a comparison instead of other comics. There is a reason for this, if it hasn’t already become apparent by Act 3 😉

    • I hear ya. I liked the Hobbit and I like Lord of the Rings in principle, but I still couldn’t finish the second book(and the Silmarilion must be my favorite “never got past the first fifth of” book; I seriously get lost in the droves of characters). Same about Homestuck: love the mythos, like the chracters, I’m stll to continue the plot because jesus, does it go EVERYWHERE.

    • Oh, man, the analogy that Problem Sleuth is the Hobbit and Homestuck is Lord of the Rings is spot on. To expand on that thought, I remember last year when The Hobbit came out there was a review that mentioned that The Hobbit was already basically the same story as Lord of the Rings, just told differently. (Lots of travelling, going into the mountain, visiting Elrond, visiting elf HQ, etc.) And that works for Homestuck, too. It’s following the same beats as PS (the big one being how time travel creates characters and drives plot complications), only told in a less absurd manner.

      I’m going to mention the Lord of the Rings analogy in my review. It’s too good. I hope you don’t mind (I’ll credit you, of course 🙂 ).

      • Another important similarity between HS and PS… and basically everything Andrew Hussie ever created is that they can be summed up as: “very silly stuff taken very seriously”.

        • I’ve been writing bits and piece of my review now (I’m splitting it up between Acts 1-4 and Acts 5-6), and I’m definitely exploring that concept of “silly stuff taken seriously.” I think what happens is that then the serious stuff loops back to being silly again, and the process goes on and on and loops back on itself (which is most literal through all the time travel shenanigans) until it turn out that the entire piece has been one big prank. I haven’t read all of Homestuck yet to be certain, but at least with Problem Sleuth my concluding thought was, “Wait… the comic that started out as a crudely drawn parody of Sierra adventure games turned into an epic world-shattering Final Fantasy battle? WHAT?!?!?!”

          • Well, HS to started with our protagonsit standing in his room.And there’s plenty of shattering going on in HS too later on. But I’ll stop now becasue I don’t know where you are at and I’m affraid I’ll start spoiling stuff.
            But what do you mean by splitting? Two separate reviews?

          • But what do you mean by splitting? Two separate reviews?

            Yeah. I think if I remember from a couple years back, there was a bit of a split among the fandom when the focus shifts from John, Rose, Dave, and Jade and shifts on the trolls. I think some people quit, but others apparently loved the trolls (as evidenced by all the fanart and cosplay). So I thought I’d split the review into two just because — even after finishing Act 4 — there’s way too much ground to cover. (Which is surprising since this is about a year-and-a-half’s worth of content. I think I still have 3 more years of archives to read.) The End of Act 4/Start of Act 5 seems like a logical place to split the reviews, I think.

            That said, I haven’t read Act 5 yet. I just thought I’d start writing a review before I started losing the nice train of thought I had about the comic from the earlier going. I think that the first review is going to cover initial impressions, while the second review is going to focus on if Homestuck holds up as a completed piece of work.

          • HS really does become a completely different comic in Act 5, although at this point Act 6 is almost as long if not longer, and almost as different. It’s Act 5 that really makes HS the phenomenon that it is; it was nowhere near as wildly popular before the trolls showed up, in part because they’re the most fleshed-out characters. I was hoping to see a real review of HS from an actual webcomic reviewer before it ended, but it looks like I’m pinning my hopes on Tangents getting through it now.

          • Don’t worry! You can take my two different reviews as a whole. Right now I’m around 3000 words in my first review… and it’s not finished yet. One of the reasons I wanted to split the review was because I was accumulating a lot of thoughts about Homestuck already (which should be no surprise given the comic’s sheer density), and I wanted to express those thoughts before things changed too much again.

      • Sure, go for it! Glad to be of help.

  2. I’m so f’in hyped right now. There are plenty of Homestuck reviews out there, but I’m INSANELY excited to read yours El Santo. I will be waiting. Patiently. Yes. Very… patiently.
    Is it out yet?

    • It’s coming, it’s coming! 🙂

      The challenge here, by the way, is how reliant MSPaint Adventures is on Flash. I like to catch up on webcomics during work breaks via my iPhone, and long stretches of MSPA just aren’t readable that way. I have to head home and commandeer our laptop for long stretches into the night.

  3. I stopped reading “Homestruck” a couple of years ago. I think I got past 500 pages or so and just stopped because I didn’t care anymore. Since then I can’t recall anything about it other than the first page. However, I remember quite a bit of “Problem Sleuth” even though I read that one around the same time. I’m not entirely sure why but I think it might be because “Problem Sleuth” didn’t seem to be trying as hard and was rather silly while “Homestruck” was just a bunch of things happening with characters I couldn’t care less about. I might return to it though, maybe.

    With that said I voted for Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. My favorite is the one with the stairs.

  4. Okay, putting SBAHJ on there just isn’t fair to the other comics.

  5. I voted for PS, because PS was the first out of the MSPA comics I read, and it was the most memorable for me. HS was cool up until the trolls, the whole arc was a mess to me.

  6. Between the two, I prefer HS but that might say more about PS than HS. Half of PS is taken up with the long, tedious fight with Demonhead Mobster Kingpin and it just wore me down. PS was always too silly for me to get into the epicness, though even if I had the tediousness of the DMK fight would have pulled me right out of it. Unfortunately, there are more than a few similarities between the DMK fight and Act 6 of HS…

    Without giving too much away about your review, how are you liking HS? I’ve figured that you would really like it…

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