Random Quickies: Super Mario Bros. 2: The Comic


Nintendo video game mascot Mario Mario is no stranger to webcomics. Thanks to the crazy video game webcomic boom that gave the world the PAX video game convention, Mario has probably appeared in more webcomics than video games. Shoot, there’s probably a webcomic out there referencing Mario being created as we speak. However, there’s one aspect of the Mario universe that doesn’t get touched upon that often. You know, the one where King Koopa was evolved from dinosaurs and played by a greasy Dennis Hopper? The one where Mario and Luigi were trying to liberate a dystopian cyberpunk alternate dimension, clearly an aspect of the Mario universe that needs to be expanded upon and explored?

Why do webcomic creators always seem to cruelly ignore Mario and Luigi from the 1993 Super Mario Brothers movie?

Steven Applebaum and Ryan Hoss must be some sort of genies, because they’re making all your dreams come true with Super Mario Bros. 2: The Comic. SMB2: The Comic answers the question that has, for 20 years, been lingering on all our minds after the tantalizing sequel bait at the end of the movie: what happens to the Mario brothers after Princess Daisy returns from an alternate dimension, armed to the gills like some 90’s Image Comics superhero? This ain’t no video game run of the mill fanfic, people, as it’s mentioned that the story ideas come straight from one of the ten screenwriters from the movie. So it’s at least … one-tenthed canon, maybe?

Anyway, it involves going to another dimension which is probably the same world as the one from SMB2: the video game. And like the game, odds are Mario is going to wake up from a particularly vivid fever dream where someone, somewhere, made a webcomic sequel to the Super Mario Brothers movie.

(h/T AV Club)


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  1. HOLEH CRAP! That must be the most awesomely schlocky thing ever put in webcomic form!

    This is clearly not the sequel we wanted(not that anyone wanted a sequel at all, mind you), but it is the sequel we deserve.

    (And that’s how you kill a Dark Knight reference by destroying the timing with cynical commentary)

  2. HA! This is pretty freaking awesome. Kinda wish I had thought to do something like that myself. 😛

  3. Hahaha! Great find! I need to share this webcomic!

  4. Definitely an interesting idea. The art style is also pretty nice, though it looks like Daisy’s been punched one too many times square in the face in many panels.

    I’ll keep my eyes on this one just because I can’t believe someone’s actually doing it.

  5. I am very, very excited for this ^.^ This movie, I swear, I cannot claim it to be objectively good, but I also cannot claim my total adoration of it to be ironic either ❤

  6. And like the game, odds are Mario is going to wake up from a particularly vivid fever dream where someone, somewhere, made a webcomic sequel to the Super Mario Brothers movie. google

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