WordPress launches PANEL theme for webcomics

Hey, there. I am still on vacation, so still no regular updates. However, I thought I’d deluek for a second to share in the news that WordPress has just launched a theme specific to webcomics: Panel. As WordPress is my blogging format of choice, I’m quite happy with this news. The interface seems pretty user friendly, though I haven’t tried it out, so I wouldn’t know. Current webcomic creators using WordPress: give it a spin and drop a comment on what you think of it.


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  1. I’m using it on my comic The Garage ( and I’m really enjoying it. The process is smooth to upload each comic (it functions much like a post, but is treated differently by the system). I highly recommend it for comic creators, especially if you have been using the standard blog-style theme like I had been before. And best of all, it’s a free theme!

  2. Looking through the examples, I’m underwhelmed. The fact that it needs some kind of script and a loading animation to navigate between comics is distracting. And all the layouts look pretty samey — although that might just be because it’s a new theme, and nobody’s had time to experiment with detailed customization yet.

    With But I’m A Cat Person I’ve used Comicpress and Comic Easel — each one a plugin with a matching theme — and liked the result much better. Archive pages load like normal websites. You can see the comments on individual comics as you’re browsing, rather than having to click through and figure out where they are. I know for sure that the themes are extremely customizable.

    In short, the Panel theme looks like a step down from the (also free!) options for webcomic plugins. If it has any particular advantages, I’m not seeing them. Maybe someone who has experience with both can give an insider’s perspective?

    • My guess is that the main advantage of the Panel theme is that it seems to work flawlessly with the free blog hosting, which does not, by default, allow pluigins (like Comic Easel).

      I just upgraded a couple of my self-hosted (non-comic) blogs to WordPress 3.6 (from, and Panel is actually not included with those installations, lending further evidence to me that it is really intended for the masses that blog for free at instead.

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