Metapost: The Webcomic Overlook’s going on a month-long hiatus


Even bloggers need a break now and then. The Webcomic Overlook is taking a month-long hiatus for July! I’m going to be off in another country for most of that time, and I don’t think I’ll have much time for reviews and updates until about early August. I’ll check in every so often, but until then assume I’m in that silver DC-3 going on grand adventures and whatnot.

To tide your webcomic hunger, make sure to check some of the comics in the sidebar under the “Shilled” header. (Or here if you’re viewing on a mobile device.) Or check the many other webcomic review sites available!


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  1. Good luck, dude! Happy adventures and good fortune to ya!

    If Israel is ever on the list of countries you’ll visit, do not miss the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa. Some of the most gorgeous landscaping and architecture I’ve ever had the privilege to walk among!

    • Thanks! While I’m not going to Israel this year, it is on the list of countries my wife and I are trying to visit sometime in the near future (maybe even as soon as next year). Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Have a nice holiday El Santo!

  3. Are there any plans for David Herbert or other Santo-authorized folks to post content during the interim? It’s alright if there are no such plans, just curious is all 🙂

    • No plans currently, though if Dave wants to post articles up, I’ll be checking in once in a while on my phone, and I’m definitely keeping up with my e-mail.

      What d’ya say, David? Care to tackle something relatively non-controversial this time? Like, say, that Penny Arcade tweet? Hmmmmmmmm?!?!?!??!?!

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