Sugarshock-o-Meter Predicts the 2013 Eisner Winner for Best Digital Comic

On Friday, July 19, at the San Diego Comic-Con, the Eisner Awards will be handed out to the best-of-the-best in the world. They will join luminaries from yesteryear such as All-Star Superman and …

Uh ….

Well, to be honest, the only reason I remembered that All-Star Superman got the award was that I just downloaded the issues on Comixology during the recent sale, and the “Eisner Award Winner” circle was on all the covers. Seriously, comics folks, if you want to have your award breathlessly mentioned in the same vein as the Oscars, you’re gonna need to do a better job of branding.

And each year, the Sugarshock-o-meter is around to select the winners. Named after its first official triumph, when, over at ComixTalk, it correctly predicted that Joss Whedon (director of Cabin In The Woods, Much Ado About Nothing, and a little passion project that some folks call The Avengers) would bring home the award after penning a little comic about an intergalactic rock band called Sugarshock.

Since then, the Sugarshock-o-meter has had an 80% accuracy record. It stumbled a little the next year after failing to predict the 2009 winner: Finder, by Carla Speed MacNeil. (The Sugarshock-o-meter foolishly predicted the winner to be Vs.) Since then, it’s been running smoothly on all gears. Sin Titulo, The Abominable Charles Christopher, and Battlepug were all solidly selected by the Sugarshock-o-meter as the eventual winners.

After priming the pump and turning over the engine by handcrank, the infernal machine at the heart of the Webcomic Overlook churned out the chances of the various candidates. Here are the results:

It Will All Hurt by Farel Dalrymple (reviewed here). A bunch of kids fight hairy zombies in a psychedelic future. It’s narrated by a cat. Chances of winning: 76%.

Ant Comic by Michael DeForge (reviewed here). This comic includes a scene where cartoony little ants fertilize a queen’s eggs with bored, resigned expressions on their faces. Chances of winning: 83%.

Our Bloodstained Roof by Ryan Andrews (reviewed here). Birds slam on the roof of a house. It’s pretty red. Chances of winning: 85%.

Oyster War by Ben Towle (reviewed here). In the dawn of the Gilded Age, oysters are gold. Which means battles between pirates with magic and Civil War subs. Chances of winning: 85%.

Which brings us to the Sugarshock-o-meter’s predection of the winner of the 2013 Best Digital Comic:

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 10.01.13 PM

Bandette by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover (reviewed here). It’s in France, it’s been compared to Tin Tin, and its protagonist is a girl in a mask and cape. Despite the Eisners sorta not being a friend to superheroes, I think they’ll make an exception here. Chances of winning: 95%.

Who I think should win: The one that was I most entertained by, though, was Ben Towle’s Oyster War. He’s definitely taken great care with developing the world and the character relationships, and he establishes these so deftly that it seems effortless. I also dig the old school art style. It may look like something drawn in the 1940’s, but it’s a reminder that a lot of the techniques pioneered by Cliff Sterrett, George Herriman, and E. C. Segar are just as effective (and sometimes more effective) today. It’s like uncovering a secret treasure, seeing how a lot of the classic storytelling methods have been dusted off and made fresh and new.

In other categories:
Dinosaur Comic‘s Ryan North stands a very good chance of picking up the Best New Series Award for his writing in the Adventure Time comic (he’s competing directly against Bandette for the same award). He’s also up for the Best Publication for Kids Award and Best Humor Publication for the same comic. Given the sheer amount of Adventure Time fan art on the internet and dearth of, say, Baby Blues fanart, I think Mr. North has a lock in every category he’s nominated in.

Bandette‘s Colleen Coover is also up for the Best Penciller/Inker Award. She’s going up against some stone-cold masters though (which include Chris Samnee and David Aja), so I don’t really like her chances here. She might fare better in the Best Coloring department, but I think Dave Stewart’s taking this one for Batwoman. Still, if Ms. Coover manages to win the Best Digital Comic Award and a mess of other awards she’s nominated in, I think it would be quite the amazing upset for the Best Digital Comic winner (and a sign that the digital age has eclipsed the print business).

I’m kinda curious who wins the Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism award. After the debacle that happened to Comics Alliance earlier this year, will a sympathy vote ensure that it gets the Eisner for the first time in its existence? Awards in the past years have more or less been alternating between Comic Book Resources and The Comics Reporter. Both are represented here (though CBR’s nomination has been more focused toward its subsidiary, Robot 6).


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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. It’s a shame there isn’t a “Best Webcomic-Related Periodical/Journalism” category, you’d totally win that El Santo :D. Also, I don’t really care about non-webcomics. I find them really uninteresting.

    • You know… I should seriously submit this site for Eisner consideration next year. Not that I think I’d win or anything… I would just want to see how far this site would get. 🙂

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