Poll: What did you think of Strip Search?

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The inaugural season of Strip Search, the first ever reality show to pit webcomic creator against webcomic creator, is coming to a close. I didn’t care much for the first couple of episodes, but I know there were plenty online who loved it (including my webcomic blogging compatriots Xaviar Xerexes and Gary Tyrrell). Granted, I didn’t stick around past Episode 5, so I’ll allow that the show got orgasmically awesome in its later installments.

What do you, the viewers at home think?


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  1. So is there going to be more strip search reviews at the webcomic overlook?

    • I’m thinking of reviewing the last one, at least. 🙂 I would’ve done all of them, but a) it was frustrating and b) reviewing Strip Search often meant NOT reviewing a webcomic. Both problems were greatly exacerbated the longer and longer the episodes got. If I kept my two episodes per review pace, that meant 40 minutes of watching and 1-2 hours of writing and polishing the review. And I wasn’t going to do that.

  2. I got through a number of them, but completely lost interest. It’s a very slow moving show, and tends to get tedious after a while.

  3. David Herbert

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t really see the point until near the end. The show was promoted aqs being the search for the next great web cartoonist but from the few episodes I watched, that seemed to be on the back burner. In fact, all of these cartoonists were already pro-level artists and didn’t really need to learn anything about that. It was mainly all about the business side.

    So you have this show that I tuned in to see people learning art techniques and improving their craft, only to discover it’s all about every other aspect of being a professional. And it moved at a VERY slow pace like Steve Crespo said.

    The reason I liked Penny Arcade TV was because it wasn’t really that much of a reality show, more a documentary with reality show elements. I’m just not a fan of reality shows, especially when they feature people I cannot bring myself to care about because the slow nature of the show causes my attention to drift out the door. And i should be watching these, I should be taking in the lessons since I do want to be a pro. But I can’t bring myself to focus.

    Personally, I hope next year they try something else. Maybe they could do a super version of the Omegathon and get game companies to sponsor it so they can show off to audiences their new games.

  4. I feel lucky because I pretty much ignored the show until it was almost done, and then was able to watch pretty much all of them in a row without the wait… and by “watch” I mean mostly listen to while I worked on my own comic.

    I think the show was a good idea and had good production values, but I was disappointed to see it so quickly resort to all the cheap reality show stunts we’re already tired of. I’m mainly talking about the forced human interest segments and manufactured drama. The problem is that it didn’t work, and I found that there wasn’t really anyone I cared about very much, just a few I disliked and all the rest were neutral. The person who I felt deserved to win (due to talent) was booted from the show before the finals, so I don’t really care now.

    Also, it should have kept a better focus on actual webcomics. A person’s chances of winning should not be decided by their ping pong skills, or their knowledge of Seattle, or go kart driving, or how well they adhere to Scott Kurtz’s opinion on Twitter etiquette. I know most of those were just silly stunts to make the show interesting, but that’s why I think Strip Search should have deviated from typical reality show cliches better.

    I sound like I hated the show, but really it was something I enjoyed listening to while working on my comics. I’m surprised how much more likeable Holkins and Krahulik seem on a TV show compared to the personalities I derive from their work itself.

  5. I liked the your table on the artist alley in a convention challenge and the ironic scott kurtz giving how to behave on twitter challenge

  6. Strip Search is O.K., if they warm their hands first…Me?…I delegate it to My Mitten. It’s a sidekick’s job to do those menial chores….well…if the perp is goodlooking, I might do it myself.

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