Xbone rxns

So apparently the XBox One (which The Gameological Society dubbed the “xbone”) was announced last week, and gamers were frothingly rabid, as predicted. No backward compatibility! Kinect is mandatory! No way to share games! This is the end of gaaaaaaammmmiiinnnngggg!!!

So on and so forth.

Of course, it’s a field day for the gamer comics. Starting with Ctrl + Alt + Del:


Jeez, Buckley, a porn joke? What is this, the 1990’s? How original. Moving on to Penny Arcade:





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  1. As a CAD fan, I have to admit I like PA’s take better here. Funny thing is, it even might have worked better with Ethan in the role.

    • You know… I’ve read most of CAD, and I don’t really recall Ethan being that much into porn… especially not of the weird variety, which is an established Gabe trait.

  2. I miss the time when gaming comics were about video games.

      • Yeah, the Microsoft promo strategy has been bizarre. Which I why I’m a little surprised the gamer comics have been so tame about it. Beyond Penny Arcade and CAD, the other gamer comics have been more about the Kinect being a Big Brother device… which was sort of an old joke already when the Kinect first came out. YouTubers have been doing a better job delivering the snark than the webcomics. In fact, that YouTube video? That totally seems like something that Penny Arcade or CAD would’ve done back in the day.

        My analysis: Tim Buckley, Mike Krahulik, and Jerry Hoskins are all older now, and believe it or not, they ARE the target audience for the Microsoft roll-out (i.e., older gamers who just don’t have time to play anymore but are more excited then they admit about the new Xbox One multi-media features).

  3. Not only did Buckley use a porn joke, he also dug out an old internet meme. Not his most creative day (even for Buckley standards).

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