The National Cartoonist Society gives Reuben Awards to two webcomics

So the Reuben Awards are still a thing! Raise the roof, y’all! I mean, where else can you see awards go to Red and Rover … and …. Rhymes With Orrraannngggggggggggg…..

Oh, crap, nodded off again.

Well, anyway, last year was supposed to be a banner year for webcomics, as it introduced the first ever Online Comic Strip category, which was won by Jon Rosenberg for Scenes From A Multiverse. Anyway, this year was controversial from a webcomic front.

The good news! There were now two categories: one for long-form comics and one for short-form comics.

The bad news! Three off the short-form nominees were from GoComics, which is as stuffy and old-school as you can get.

But… look at it this way. Those folks at GoComics? They’re pretty much the ones who’d be most stoked from winning an award that’s been given to Garfield, Zits, and Pearls Before Swine. I mean, I thought the current crop of webcomic creators were too cool for such buttoned down affairs.

Gary Tyrrell at Fleen, who judged last year’s awards, has this to say:

The thing is, if (as webcomics boosters have said, and we at Fleen are no exception to this) webcomics should be allowed to compete against whatever you can define (if anything, at the point) not-webcomics, without distinction to medium of distribution, then the three nominees in Short Form make sense — they were chosen for consideration by the NCS jury without consideration to where they came from, and may well be seen as representing a step towards not having “online” as a separate category of the NCS awards.

Would I prefer to see Girl Genius or The Abominable Charles Christopher up against, say, Fables, Johnny Wander or Girls With Slingshots up against Pearls Before Swine, and Becky Dreistadt dominating the Book Illustration category? Absolutely, and I’ll be certain to get right on that as soon as I’m in charge of the world. In the meantime, progress.

Not sure I agree, but whatever. It’s the Reubens. It’s like getting upset that Downy didn’t get the Better Homes & Gardens Fabric Softener Award this year.

Despite the lingering controversy, congratulations are in order for the winners. Winning the “On-Line Comics – Short Form” Award is Graham Harrop of Ten Cats.


(See what I mean when I say the GoComics nominees are old-school?)

And taking home the “On-Line Comics: Long Form” is Vince Dorse of The Untold Tales of Bigfoot.


The big award for “Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year” went to Rick Kirkman of Baby Blues and Brian Crane of Pickles. Now, I’m not the biggest Baby Blues fan. I am just not a fan of the style.

But Pickles? That comic’s pretty friggin’ awesome. More old folks owning the hizzy, please.


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  1. Brotoflatron

    The Untold Tales of Bigfoot link leads to Ten Cats.

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