Spotlight on: Webcomic review sites

It used to be that, to get webcomic reviews, there was just this site and a couple others. Not anymore. There seems to be a webcomic reviewing renaissance lately, though, which is a great thing! Need help finding perspective on a webcomic out there, and you can’t find my opinion on it in my dauntingly huge archives? Try your luck with some of these fine sites! I’m also listing the platforms they’re being blogged on, as that’s become increasingly important with they way writers and readers communicate with each other these days.

The Webcomic Police

The Webcomic Police: The site is designed with a cheeky law enforcement theme. Notably, ratings are given on a 5 doughnut scale. The site boasts several reviewers, each “arresting” their webcartoonists with a different style. Platform: Blogspot (also Tumblr)

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 7.34.51 AM

Your Webcomics!: A very clean, very bright and minimalist site with webcomic reviews, creator spotlights, and interviews. From the “About” page: “I wanted to create a modern, easy-to-use, user generated content site focused on webcomics.” Platform: WordPress.

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 7.35.07 AM

Wild Webcomic Review: The site updates Fridays, which is … kinda… wild! Author Eishtmo had been doing reviews on online forums. The reviews are direct and to the point; no screenshots, just opinions. Platform: Blogspot.

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 7.36.17 AM

Altertainment: Hey, remember ComixTalk? Well, Xaviar Xerexes is still blogging, only at an all new site. Lately he’s been following the Strip Search series, so if you’ve been longing for more coverage, head over to his site. Platform: WordPress.

Comic Spectrum

Comic Spectrum: Comic Spectrum covers print and digital comics. They also do reviews of webcomics. Lately, they’ve done a few from the contestants at Strip Search (Citation Needed got 1.5/5). That header banner’s pretty eye-searingly loud, though. Platform: WordPress.

Shitty Webcomics

Shitty Webcomics: Looking to feed your yen for hating on terrible webcomics? This site focuses on hating Minimum Security, Two Kinds, and Sinfest, among others. Platform: Tumblr.


About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. Wow, that Shitty Webcomics blog is absolutely terrible. The entire site reads like a bunch of 13-year-olds desperately trying to be “edgy”.

  2. There are three Diazes

    Shitty Webcomics tumblr is not only good, but funny too. Hand stabbingly funny. The mods do have a sense of humor while reviewing, and one of the mods draws parodies of the comics. It’s not boring like the other ‘review’ sites.

  3. Shitty Webcomics is horrible- basically idiots insulting disabled people, the mentally ill, and feminists. Plus they sometimes don’t read the comics before they ‘review’ them, and even when they do it’s normally just a couple of lines of ranting about the comic’s creator.

  4. Thanks for the plug El Santo. Enjoy the series on Sluggy Freelance.

  5. Shitty webcomics manages to skewer two groups that really need the skewering. Firstly, shitty webcomics. Secondly, because of the current propensity for shitty webcomics to include it, feminism and ‘social justice’. I really think what some of the feminist webcomics need however isn’t really a ‘skewering’ as much as just getting the dick.

    • ComradeFrana

      “I really think what some of the feminist webcomics need however isn’t really a ‘skewering’ as much as just getting the dick.”

      Bravo! In one sentence you’ve managed to disparage feminist webcomics and simultaneously demonstrate the reason they exist.

  6. After sampling these so-called review sites, I concluded that El Santo is still the best webocmic reviewer on the whole damn internet.(The Webcomic Police is prety good, but the others… not so much).

    • Oh, ronin… Flattery will get you everywhere!

      • Well, my biggest problem with a LOT of review sites is that their reviews are very short! How am I supposed to know wheter or not will I enjoy the reviewed anything from a half-page long generic description? I prefer long and indepth reviews that give SPECIFICS and EXAMPLES. Also, I really like reading looooong texts(be it a book, a review or anything really). I’m prety much a reading maniac.

  7. Shitty Webcomics seems like it came out from 4chan originally. So the quality of the text relies more on humor. This stuff can be a fun read with a good writer but its not the kind of site I’d exactly trust on whether some webcomic would really be good or not. Thats why its really inferior to the stuff you could read on Your webcomic is bad and you should feel bad- or the 1-2 star ratings here.

    So its kinda like what Encyclopediadramatica is to Wikipedia. Lots of amusing dark humor, but not really the place I’d look for actual info.

    • I came across the Shitty Webcomics tumblr a month or two ago, read some of it and was disappointed. It really made me miss Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad– now those were some well-written webcomic take-downs (although some of the vicious personal attacks on the cartoonists were a bit much).

  8. added to my bookmarks, re shitty comics… even if sites like bad webcomics wiki and shitty webcomics go overboard with the hate thing and most of the time makes no sense sometimes sites like that are needed to tell the emperor that he is not wearing pants

  9. El Santo! Thanks for including me in the round-up of review sites. ComixTalk has been on hold for a year or so. Altertainment is my personal blog. I don’t really consider anything there a real “review” — just quick thoughts usually.

    Also keep up the awesome work — Webcomic Overlook is the best review site going.

    • Aw thanks, ya ol’ Softie!

      In this Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram world we’re living in, quick thoughts seem to be the order of the day. I mean, detailed analysis was sort of Roger Ebert’s thing, and where is he now?

      Too soon?

  10. Dear christ, that shitty webcomics guy had a huge fucking hateboner for muslims. He seems to hate them almost as much as he loves misogyny.

  11. Ok, black people are also on his list of things Shitty Webcomics doesn’t like along with “progressive liberals” and “radical feminism”. That guy just sucks. He’s Shadbase, so “edgy” its reprehensible.

    • On an additional note, if a July 1 post is to be believed, they don’t exactly like you either, Santo. They think you’re wishy-washy and afraid of backlash. Combine that with all the reasons everyone else listed above, and I would just stop giving them any sort of attention. That’s like taking the opinion of schoolyard bullies very seriously.

      • I don’t mean to make you alarmed El Santo, but you kind of kicked a hornet’s nest by giving attention addicts what they were craving.
        If you want a good tumblr, link Learn From Webcomics tumblr, they have tons of great examples of good and bad webcomics with legitimate, constructive criticism. When you get back from your vacation, take that link down because it’s more damage to your reputation, in that you actually have one.

      • Like they say, no publicity is bad publicity. 🙂 Haven’t checked it, though, since wifi is incredibly spotty out here. But I won’t rescind the link. If you ever check the comments in the Jack piece (both of them) I tend to let a lot of things go around here. And thus, I’m also not in the practice of deleting links I’ve already put up either. Thanks for the heads up, though!

  12. It doesn’t help Shitty Webcomic’s case that they’re now using their site as a anti-Social Justice Warrior soapbox; whatever good jokes they may have are killed by their preaching which looks like it comes form the 7th season of Family Guy.

    A shame. Such wasted potential.

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  14. Really, a lot of their “criticisms” come off as coldly negative and mean-spirited. I essentially experienced my spirit die studying some of the content. film making

  15. Really, a lot of their “criticisms” come off as coldly adverse and mean-spirited.

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