Metapost: RIP Comics Alliance

I know I’m a little late to the party (though I did mention it on Twitter when the news broke out), but RIP Comics Alliance. I hadn’t read it in the last few months — I felt the focus had shifted more on other media rather than the comics themselves, plus the webcomic-related stuff had kinda dried up — but I still rather liked that site because they treated comics not as an academic exercise but rather what a vast majority were meant to be: fun.

I especially loved reading Chris Sims’ articles, which were full of fun and verve and crazy enthusiasm. His pieces pretty much convinced me to download the entire Starman Omnibus over at Comixology (and it’s definitely one of the best comics I’ve ever read), and for my money he had the last word on why comics in the 90’s shouldn’t be disparaged like some sort of dumb internet meme. Also, Sims did me a great honor by answering my question about Az-Bats. As you can see from just a smattering of his pieces, he was very knowledgeable, but always delivered the info with a jovial, smart-ass style that was incredibly appealing. While the Comics Alliance wasn’t necessarily the most informative comic news site (and sometimes a little late to some of comics’ most breaking news stories), it brought life and excitement to comics that you don’t see in, say, the more staid and professional sites like The Comic Journal.

The Comics Alliance gets one last hurrah at the Eisner Awards, where its been nominated for Comics Related Periodical/Journalism, but after that it once again disappears into the ether.


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