Random Quickies: The Wormworld Saga

The Wormworld Saga

Daniel Lieske’s The Wormworld Saga is probably going to get a proper review sometime in the future.  But man, I just wanted to bring it up because it’s probably the best looking webcomic I’ve seen to use the infinite canvas in quite some time.  It’s fairly simple: it’s just an up and down thing.  However, panels blend seamlessly to the next as you keep scrolling downwards.  The story itself is sort of a modern day Alice In Wonderland, and the visuals get more and more incredible the further you get into the story.  Though, truth be told, I was already plenty impressed by the rendition of a red Volkswagen in the very first chapter.


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  1. This comic is the very epitome of Landscape Porn. Really gorgeous to look at! Can’t say much for the story yet since its still somewhat in the beginning “exposition”-phase. Hopefully he gets some sort of team behind this or something, comics which look like this understandably take a long time to do, so theres always the danger that the author grows tired or doesn’t have the time nor money to do this anymore, long before the story even has an ending.

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