One Punch Reviews #81: Hipsters


There’s an old Cat and Girl comic that claims that hipsters don’t exist. “Everyone’s seen a hipster, but nobody is one,” snaps the girl. This idea was reiterated by a co-worker of mine, who insisted, every day, that there was no such thing as hipsters. They may as well have been ghosts or Santa Clauses or whatever. A mere figment of the imagination.

So… who were all these people I saw wearing trucker caps and Buddy Holly glasses, then? Was I … dreaming? When my brother calls himself a “hipster,” is he lying through his teeth? Maybe hipsters only appear if you say their name three times? No, wait… that’s Beetlejuice. Who, when you think about it, was sort of a hipster ghost.

These theoretical beings of light and illusion take center stage in the aptly titled webcomic Hipsters, by Adrian vom Baur. We follow these hipsters in their natural habitat of snark and loathing and … dinosaurs, apparently.


The hipsters are a bunch of urban guys and girls with scarves and glasses and crap.  It’s not unusual to see them wearing T-shirts with drawings of T-shirts on them.  So ironic.  For these hipsters, Irony is a huge commodity, with meta observations not far behind.  What’s cool for a hipster?  Only things that can be viewed with a detached sense of irony and  a knowing sneer. To live is to scorn.  If something they enjoy becomes too popular, the hipster defense mechanism is to complain about them selling out. However, hipsters also seem to have a genuine appreciation for anything retro. Even aged Cold War era machinery gains a modicum of respect.

These hipsters treat everything with an air of superiority, unfazed by anything the world throws at them. It doesn’t matter if they’re monsters, dinosaurs, robots, robot dinosaurs, or bronies. They can have their blood sucked by vampires. They can be chomped up in the gaping maw of a prehistoric beastie. Hipsters just don’t care. They are unimpressed by everything in equal measure.

Which is the greatest weakness of Hipsters, incidentally. This webcomic tends to get incredibly wordy. Yeah, I get that’s part of the joke: hipsters love to talk mainly because they like the sound of their own voices. But… does it need to be this wordy? Because, honestly, there’s not that many jokes to milk out of hipsters. There are only a few punchlines, and they’re repeated pretty regularly. You’ve got the standard gag of “we’re really obscure, you probably haven’t heard of us”. And when you’re bored with that, you can move on to “I totally was into it before it was cool”. These two (rather obvious) observations can be enjoyable in small measures. However, it doesn’t take long before it gets old… which happens, roughly, halfway through the second story arc (“Hipsters vs. Vampires”). Even seeing these hipsters meet grisly deaths brings me no joy.

I guess, in the end, the jaded hipster … is me.

Rating: 2 stars (out of 5).


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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the artwork in this series, but I have to agree with you. It seems like the internet’s been talking about hipster jokes not being funny longer than we’ve been talking about hipsters…but man, this thing just won’t die. I hope the next project von Baur does is as funny as his amazing cartooning skills!

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