Metapost: so where has El Santo been?

So I guess I’ve been pretty non-active these last couple of weeks and giving the conn over to the very gracious David Herbert.  But the question remains: where has El Santo been?

Well, readers, it has been a very hectic two weeks.  We have a family of five at our house, and, long story short… it was a HANDFUL.  Seriously, it takes all your mental energy to keep track of two kids and one adult who are diagnosed with ADHD.  We were soooooooo wiped out by the time the week was through.  In short order: El Santo has been skiing, touring downtown Seattle, touring downtown Vancouver, stopping for pictures at the border crossing, and going to the place where Twin Peaks was filmed twice because someone forgot their camera at a coffee house near there.

To keep in touch with my sanity, I actually reconnected with an old online writing group that I hadn’t visited in some years.  To cope, I sorta started writing fiction.  Before the two weeks were over, I’d written like 25K words spread out over a few stories.  So it helped me gain some perspective on quick storytelling, as well as discovering some surprisingly well written stories that others had written in the years I’d missed.

Anyway, the tl;dr version: I should have a new review up by the end of this week, provided my brain has unwrinkled by then.

Thanks for checking up, and thanks to David Herbert for his articles!



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