Does any other webcomic out there have this many cosplayers?








From Jon Rosenberg’s twitter:

I think there is a machine somewhere in the convention hall that is spitting out homestuck cosplayers. #eccc

I’m … going to have to eventually review this webcomic, aren’t I?

(Pictures from the “homestuck cosplay” tumblr tag)


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  1. Probably. And very good luck with that, man.

    • I think I got as far as Chapter 3 and then I got distracted. It’s easy to do that to me when there’s lots of reading and there’s a shiny object just within my field of peripherical vision. There was this one time that —…

      … hold on, what’s that over there….

      … excuse m

      • I got as far as act 6, I think, then Hussie decided to include more 4 characters playing the game in the past or something and my mind started doing backflips trying to keep up with the tangled timeline.

        Granted, I gotta congratulate AH for working some wicked parallell dimension and time traveling that actually makes sense if you try hard to think about it but… man, I wish I didn’t have to scour TV Tropes every week to get what the heck is going on.

        But again: it’s really marvelous, and there was one page near the end of act 5(?) that actually made my heart stop for a while. That shit takes work to do right.

  2. After being urged by a few people I knew to read Homestuck, I gave it a shot. The first thing I noticed is that I don’t even think it’s really a webcomic. I mean, it IS in the sense that it’s some pictures with words to read that make a story. But really, the comic is so defined by its distractions and off-comic narrative that I couldn’t enjoy it like a comic.

    I didn’t enjoy it. It’s probably because I was late to the party. Digesting Homestuck is a slow process because of the way you get it panel by panel, drop by drop, and heaven help you if you don’t enjoy slogging though the minutiae of a character’s wonky inventory system…. which I didn’t.

    I’ll be interested in your take on it, if you ever do decide to review it.

    • Reepicheep-chan

      Yeah, you know, I am a fan and yet I pretty much agree with this completely. It is like… the comic is a niche appeal sort of thing but the niche is its own fans. The 6th act in particular is like… every possible kind of fan service that does not actually involve panty shots.

  3. Honestly, I think you might want to sit on it for a bit. Why do I say this? Well, the thing is, Homestuck is apparently nearing its end, which should happen later this year (how much later, I’m not really sure), and honestly, I’d much rather get a review of the full package rather than the near-completed package. Though, considering Homestuck’s length, it might be within your best interests to break it into a multi-part review.

    For the record, I only started Homestuck late in 2011, but it’s already not only become one of my favorite webcomics, but one of my favorite comics in general, and I actually plan on cosplaying as a Homestuck character (Equius Zahhak) at some point this year! However, while my mind’s made up on how I feel about it, I’m still interested in hearing your personal thoughts and reflections on it, El Santo. Cuz hey, you’re an awesome reviewer and a real cool dude! 🙂

  4. Well, I’ve had plenty of cosplayers in my webcomic, but that’s just my characters. But there’s this little poster I put together of every cosplayer who came by my table at a convention one year. This was picked up by Emerald City Comic Con for use in one their program books.

    ­Rod Salm
    Death At Your Door, a weekly webcomic about Death trying to live a life.

  5. Reepicheep-chan

    You may as well just wait until it has ended. It should not take too much longer now and the comic has so much “Where the hell is this even going?” that a review of the incomplete thing would be… incomplete, I guess. I dunno, you waited this long, may as well pretend to were putting it off for a reason instead of just procrastinating.

    • It is settled then! Ima wait until it’s all over then review it. I gotta say, Problem Sleuth probably looked a lot better when the body of work was considered a whole.

  6. The girl in the second to last picture looks like she needs a root canal therapy on her right central incisor.

  7. Heeeey El Santo,

    Just wanted to say (completely unrelated to this blog post) that when I want to find new webcomics to read, I come to your site and trawl your archives.

    Yes, seriously. Beats looking out both Google and aggregators, since while I don’t always agree with the reviews here, you’re a pretty damn fair judge. Most of the time on an aggregator you’ll get lots of fanboy and anti-fanboy stuff, so you don’t actually find out anything useful.

    Thanks, mysterious masked one.

    A stranger on the Internet

  8. Before you tackle Homestuck, have you read Problem Sleuth?
    It’s pretty great and sort of similiar to Homestuck, being its forerunner and all.
    Oh and before that you should certainly check out Jail Break. If only for the running gags that show up in the former two stories.

    As for Homestuck, I could tell you about Homestuck. I’ve been reading it since day 0. You say you made it up to Act 3, which is understandable. The first 3 acts are relatively slow in pace, then you get to the Act 3 intermission, which is absolutely wonderful (especially if you’ve read Problem Sleuth). Then Act 4 continues to flesh things out, then Act 5 turns everything on its head, and then Act 6 is just insane. Shit gets progressively more real throughout, too.

    In a way I envy those who haven’t read it yet. To see all the foreshadowing and callforwards with fresh eyes, oh how lucky you are.

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