One Punch Reviews #78: Aushweeptz


MS Paint Adventures has become such a resounding success that I’m surprised there aren’t that many copycats. It could be the sprite comic for the 2010’s! I imagine, though, that Andrew Hussie’s series only looks effortless, and the final product actually takes far more man-hours than a comic with “MS Paint” in the title would let on.

That said, I’ve encountered a couple that try to ape the style. There’s Prequel, which reaches back to the origins of MSPA with a story that’s driven by commands from users at the MSPA forums. There’s also the subject of today’s review: Aushweeptz, a.k.a. Copypaste Adventure, which was sent to me by a Twitter user who goes by Blandy Fox.


The comic is about Molly, a anthropomorphic … furry… thing. The first page says she is a “sheep.” I am not buying it. We are introduced with the following text, which pretty much outs the influences before anybody can call Aushweeptz out on it:

She still doesn’t know that she is a bland copy of Homestuck and Prequel. Though she doesn’t give a crap about the issues of philosophy of the creation of the world. Today she takes a driving test (ninja edit: urr, I mean “flying test”) because today is her birthday. Happy 13th birthday! The legal age to receive the rights to use the wings that was given by holy Satan.


OK, then.

If I were to sum up Aushweeptz in one word, it would be “incomprehensible.” Sure, its inspiration is not exactly the must lucid comic in the world. As random as the humor was, though, the gags were clever: the Con Air references, the harlequins, and the Sim City interface. It’s like being at a party with an articulate, witty friend who was way into garbage pop culture.

Aushweeptz, on the other hand, goes for some certifiable groaners from the “if I mention something taboo, it must be funny” school of comedy. Exploding tampons! Disembowelment gags featuring Billy Mays! (Good Lord, I forgot that guy even existed.) Abortions! Smoking weed! (Sure, MSPA had Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, but that worked as a parody of terrible webcomics … like this one.) The site also has some pretty cheap, Geocities level wall paper and the comic is often punctuated by loud music. Everything about this comic screams “ironically terrible,” which doesn’t automatically translate to “subversively funny.” Sometimes “ironically terrible” is just “actually terrible.”

I imagine Aushweeptz as developed while under the influence. Either that or it’s inept trolling. It’s a comic that’s low on inspiration and humor. Sometimes randomness feels like liberty, free from the straight-jacket of logic and society’s rigorous definitions of what is and what isn’t comedy. And sometimes it’s just a mess.

Rating: 2 stars (out of 5.)


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  1. If you’re looking for MSPA copycats, they’re all on the free hosting sites like SmackJeeves and Drunk Duck. But like you said, they’re harder to make than Hussie lets on, and if there aren’t any people giving submissions, the comic dies pretty quickly.

    • The best place to find MSPA copycats is actually on the MSPA forums. There’s an entire forum category dedicated to MSPA Forum Adventures, which have varying degrees of quality and original thought.

      Actually, I did a forum adventure a few years ago called Fencing Club Adventures. One problem you run into with the MSPA format isn’t so much a lack of suggestions, but a bunch of suggestions that create an increasingly complex story that even you are having a difficult time following. While it’s a good way of generating ideas at the start of a story, it’s nearly impossible to create an ending with your suggestion box if everyone keeps adding new characters and plot points. Even Hussie stopped using the suggestion box towards the end of Problem Sleuth and used his own commands.

      As for the actual time I spent on Fencing Club Adventures, it wasn’t that terribly bad for me. Copy-pasting sprites was pretty acceptable for a comic that tried to be like a video game. The GIF animations were where you sank all your time into, and Flash animations could put a comic on hiatus for a month if you weren’t an expert at Flash videos.

      If you want to see my adventure, I created an easy-to-read website here

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