Webcomic reality show! A la cuisine!

Apparently I’m such a horrible shut-in that I totally miss major webcomic coming and goings in my own backyard. Case in point: those Penny Arcade guys are at it again, looking for hot new webcomic talent with their all-new reality show Strip Search! (OK, I know that I’ve been corrupting your minds all week, but rest assured … it’s not that kind of strip search.)

So what is it? I’ll let Robot 6 explain:

In February, Penny Arcade will launch Strip Search, a reality/competition television series in which 12 cartoonists live together in a house and compete to win a $15,000 cash prize and space in Penny Arcade‘s Seattle offices for a year, complete with support from the company with merchandise, marketing and infrastructure.

Among those cartoonists: Erika Moen, which does legitimize this project by quite a bit. It’s also going to be totally a skill based competition, as elaborated by Robert Khoo:

The vast majority of events are designed to stress test the different facets of a professional webcartoonist. For instance, one of the earlier challenges is to work with Penny Arcade‘s design team to create a real-world product. To put even a little more skin in the game, we’ll be offering said product for sale online, with the profits going to the winner of that specific challenge.

The episodes will air online on PATV.

My opinion? I think Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins are doing this out of a sincere attempt at publicizing webcomics out there that aren’t as well known. It reminds me a little of Eastman & Laird’s also noble post-TMNT efforts at helping out new creators who just needed a little help getting started.

Also, I’m not opposed to skill-based reality shows like America’s Next Top Model or Food Network Challenges or that one with the sharpshooters, where most of the fun is watching how the final product is developed. (In that case, I think it could be argued that they’re actually more like game shows.) Credit to the Penny Arcade guys of going forward with the concept. I just may have to watch the first episode, at least.


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