Two for one deal on Reubens; webcomics awards have an amicable split

The National Society of Cartoonists, who award the Reubens every year, have decided to go for two. Two awards for webcomics, that is. In a fairly swift move, considering that webcomics were only eligible for awards last year, comics primarily distributed online will now have two categories: those that are done short form, and those that are done long form.

This year, the NCS has newly announced, the professional group is wisely splitting its webcomic recognition into two distinct categories: Online Comics, Short Form and Online Comics, Long Form.

“Last year, we purposefully kept the criteria narrow with the Online Comics division, so we could see how the process would work,” [NCS President Tom] Richmond tells Comic Riffs on Thursday. “We always intended to expand the division to be more inclusive of other formats of cartooning. This is another step.”

The criteria for a Short Form online comic will be a “daily strip, single panel, Sunday strip, or partial/single page formats,” the NCS says, adding that “Short form comics should be able to stand alone as a single narrative, even if it is part of a longer storyline like an adventure strip.”

To be eligible, Long Form online comics must be “ongoing narratives told in full-page formats. Basically an online comic book or graphic novel, where the story is fully serialized.”

Incidentally, Tom Richmond is also last year’s award winner, when he won for his work in Mad magazine. So he’s substantially less stuffy than your typical NCS prez.

To potential winning-type persons: to submit your webcomic, click on Tom Richmond’s site and fill in your entry. You can submit webcomics via PDF or by mail, which sounds charmingly folksy. I’m assuming if you simply post links to your site, it’s going to get rejected. Never know when a needy Nigerian prince is hiding behind those hyperlinks.

(h/t Robot 6)


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  1. Am I missing something really awesome? No I cannot afford to miss this :/ Can you tell me about the final results, I mean about the winners and nomination. Or are you planning something like this again. I would love to be a part!

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