Poll: What was 2012’s Webcomic of the Year?

If there were a thing such as “Webcomic of the Year” — you know, perhaps emblazoned on the cover of Time Magazine or some other archaic format — which would it be?

Would it be Axe Cop, which got its own animated series?

Would it be Hark! A Vagrant, which, despite being on semi-hiatus, managed to net its second Harvey Award?

Would it be Digger, which concluded yet won a Hugo Award?

Maybe it’s Battlepug, winner of this year’s Eisner for Best Digital Comic?

Is it Scenes From A Multiverse, winner of this year’s first ever Reuben Award given to a webcomic?

Perhaps it is The Oatmeal, which brought the internet to its knees with all the lawsuits and such?

Is it CAD, for pulling the plug, then putting another plug back in that looked slightly familiar but came in four different colors?

Or is it Order of the Stick for its ridiculously successful Kickstarter?

Maybe it’s none of these, and there’s another great webcomic in 2012 that deserves praise and accolades (or maybe jeers and snark like that one year Hitler was Time’s Man Of The Year). If so, speak up now, fellow friends, Internet Romans, and countrymen.


About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. I’m torn between Gunnerkrigg Court because it has been one hell of a year but… I’d vote for Whomp! The art is gorgeous and horrible, the humour is hilarious and disturbing, and Ronnie… is just brilliant. It’s become one of my favourites, even the caption you get when you hover over the cartoon is genius, it’s like BONUS JOKES!

    Honourable mentions to Max Overacts and The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal.

  2. I’m gonna say Paranatural or Whomp! should get the crown.

  3. No gunnerkrig court Or cucumber quest?

  4. 1 vote for Gunnerkrigg Court.

  5. The equivalent to Hitler winning Man of the Year would be CAD winning in any previous year for its influence on so many bad video game comics to follow.

  6. I think the really outstanding title this year had to be Girl Mountain, and the spin-off Truth Zone. It’s brutal and hilarious and gloriously rough and disquieting.

  7. Kind of shocked homestuck didn’t make your poll, El Santo. Granted, Homestuck isn’t at the fever pitch madman Hype it reached in 2011, but still, the fact it’s consistently kept its self the “it” thing on the internet for another year going is crazy to me. Do I think it’s the best webcomic of the year? No. But it’s somehow kept the press talking about “MSPA” and more and more people are checking Homestuck out. Also, its kickstarter roughly made twice as much as Order of the Stick. Technically, it’s a game, not a reprinting of books. Still, show’s folks are invested into the world Hussies whipped up.

    P.S. I’m on team “Cucumber Quest.” It comes out of nowhere and keeps being charming as heck and won’t stop

    • When I originally wrote this post, I wasn’t going to include a poll at all. I figured everyone had their own idea of what would be Webcomic of the Year, and I was going to just leave it to the comments.

      But then I thought, “You know what spurs conversation more than anything? People going, ‘Hey, why did you leave this out of your list’?” I’m not needling you or anything. I’m just saying that I sorta put something together with the intent of getting people to talk. 🙂

      But yeah, I think MSPA should’ve been on the list. I limited the items in my poll to mainly newsworthy items I commented on over the last year, and for some reason I forgot to mention MSPA. I think I may have been on vacation at the time.

      • Actually, I think you did talk about the main newsworthy thing Homestuck did this year, the Kickstarter.

        As for Gunnerkrigg Court, apparently just being good isn’t good enough to be webcomic of the year, but again, this is more like Time than the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. (Wow, I never realized just how pretentious a name that is.)

  8. My vote goes either for Gunnerkrigg or False Positive. Heck of a comic, second season starting this week.

  9. I’m kinda biased…. But I think it is a tree way tie between Punching the Clock, Terrorbads and Treasure Hunter.

  10. Homestuck’s kickstarter was a pretty cool guy.

    I have to ask though, is Moon Over June’s presence in the poll a joke or did they do something?

  11. …wow, I read a bunch of webcomics, and I don’t read a single one on that list. :p

  12. I’ve been all over Little League lately thanks to you. I’d wanna say a comic with a more thought provoking narrative gets my vote, but Little League just totally makes me squeal all to often.

    I would say Unsounded totally based on the small amount I read, it’s so freaking sweet. But… Mr Darkseid…

  13. I’m gonna have to say Monster Pulse. You can see where it takes inspiration from the likes of Homestuck and Gunnerkrigg Court, but it’s got the emotional gravitas the former struggles to find and the momentum the latter doesn’t even bother with.

  14. Man if this ain’t “Bon Fete, Job Dog’s” award to lose, THEN WE NEED A DIFFERENT AWARD

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