Inman to Buzzfeed: “You don’t know me, you don’t know my life, and you don’t know my family.”

Now that the Buzzfeed piece has made the rounds, Matt Inman responds with the allegations on his site. He has taken screenshots of the piece and responded in kind by flagging inaccurate parts and elaborating on them.


For example, take the issue that the Buzzfeed piece takes with him making “half a million dollars”. Inman responds:

HEY JACKASS, want to know what I did with that money?

My sister has six kids, FIVE of which are adopted, and two of those adopted children are disabled.

These are foster children, some of whom came from druggy parents and broken households.

My sister got a divorce a few years ago and wound up moving into a tiny rental with her one bio kid and five adopted children, so I paid @250,000 cash and bought my sister a house.

You didn’t find this in your “investigation” of my finances because I never talk about it. I don’t use it to market myself as a philanthropist or some shit like that.

It did it because I love my sister. I love those kids, and it was the right fucking thing to do.

Inman concludes with his strongest criticism directed at writer Jack Steuf:

Here’s a birthday card you made last year for Sarah Palin’s mentally disabled son.

I found it on your former employer’s website.

In this card, you satirized a birthday poem Palin fans had written for the 3 year old on a social-networking site the night before.

You started with this: “Oh little boy, what are you dreaming about?”

and then you wrote: “What’s he dreaming about? Nothing. He’s retarded.”

Nice one, Jack! Making fun of a toddler with down syndrome.

Is that what this whole “Let’s demonize The Oatmeal” thing is about?

You’re bitter because after publishing that birthday card the backlash was so bad you had to leave your job, and now you write for Buzzfeed?

(h/t commenter Sweet Justice)


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  1. This all feels very unimportant for some reason.

  2. Wow, a hat tip with my very first comment! 🙂

    I love the site and have found a few webcomic gems that I would not have otherwise. Keep up the great work!

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