It’s … Still not over!


So… Another chapter of the CAD epilogue was somehow sneakily added into the rotation when no one was looking. Seriously, I saw this posted and assumed it was a fan edit. But then algeya tweeted me a legit link and, in a flash, my world was rocked. TO THE VERY CORE.

Lucas and Lilah discover Ethan is gone. Zeke meets the president. Lucas gets married and names his kid Ethan.

And then…


Dammit. It’s way too stupid to even mention. Way, way too stupid.

Seriously, if you read my review, I called it out as one of the dumbest parts of CAD, and somehow Buckley thinks it’s poignant. Urrgghhhhhhh….


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  1. Egads… talk about undermining your own atmosphere…

    I tried hard not to fall on the floor laughing cause I’m at work but… jeezus, that’s narm to the max!

  2. The Church of Gamology, why didn’t I think of that?

  3. Well, we can all take comfort in the fact that Ethan is finally out of our lives forever.

    And I probably shouldn’t have said that.

    • Oh, ye of little faith. Did you not know that it is written, that, in the end times, Ethan shall return in glory from the heavens to punish the unbelievers whose names were not written in the Lamb’s Book of Halo 4? He who has eyes, let him see, and he who has thumbs, let him press the right joystick to circle strafe.

  4. Hey I pray for xbox everyday, fux the linux loosers. Tim bumkley man he made a plot twist so nobody saw it coming

  5. The first true strip of the new CAD is up and it went back to the basics, two guys playing games on a couch

    • Someone seriously needs to do an edit where Player 2 returns, but instead of a TV screen, he has a watermelon with a face drawn on it.

      Somehow, it would actually be a far more heartwarming strip.

    • I was more surprised by the fact that this was the first Players strip where nobody died. It’s probably going to go downhill from there.

      • according to Tim blogs he reworked the players so the punchline was not about the gore, I think thats a good decision just look at vg cats that gore is always the punchline,

        • That’s true. I don’t want to give Tim grief just yet because, let’s face it, this is so far at least better than the hamfisted attempts at drama from the previous versions of CAD. (Drama which, let’s face it, was the source of most of the mockery.) I think that, based on the MLP and the current strip, CAD so far is kinda OK. In my review, I mentioned that I really didn’t mind the Players that much (they were far more tolerable than Chef Brian or, heck, the main cast), so it’ll kinda be nice to see where he goes from here.

          • Admittedly, if taken on their own, the story arcs are decent. This recent one had its moments. I certainly hope Tim lives up to his promises and sticks to a gag a day format.
            And I wasn’t criticizing the Players strip for a lack of gore. It was just surprising is all. It wasn’t laugh-out-loud funny, but I admit it was amusing.

    • forgot the link for historic reasons

  6. I have been reading this from the start, and this blew my freaking mind. The drama here and the “ending” of us following the main characters seems really really abrupt from Tim’s other stories. Example, pushes button and within two pages its all wrapped up and done? I could be crazy here but did something happen that forced Tim to end this? or was it just Ethan’s time? I will still read CAD for it is my favorite online comic that I have followed all these years. But did this seem odd to anyone else? or am I just crazy?

    • I think, James, that Tim was just burned out from writing for the same characters for ten years, and he needed to change something up to keep interested. His blog post on the matter talks about how he spent a lot of energy trying to wrap up the loose end of why Scott was living in the house with them, and he didn’t want to keep doing that. So he more or less wanted to try something new … but, apparently, not something too new, and the Players were, I guess, a group of characters that had some recognition, but were underdeveloped.

      • I had not looked at the blog before I had posted here and I regret doing so. After reading the blog I understand alot more and it does make sense to me now. The things with Scott and the getting back to the roots of the comic in prep for a reboot are clear to me and I apologize for sounding ignorant in my last post. I look forward to see what will go on now with the characters being used alot more (with less gore as the punch line) in hopefully creative ways. Considering it’s Tim, it should be grand. In his blog it sounded like he was amped to reboot so I say: bring it on!

  7. Oh, this is not really surprising to me. Tim or Ethan or both stay true to themselves. Ethan can make some sort of heroic selfsacrifice without really facing any consequences of his asshole behaviour. And Lilah and Lucas can mourn the loss, without figuring out that they only circled around an egoistical asshole.

    For me a fine example that you just can’t write an asshole character into a sympathetic character within the two last pages of a comic. This just increases the Gary-Stu-vibes, I receive. Ethan dies as a hero and everything still circles around Ethan. And I am sure, Ethan will return. Somewhen and somehow.

  8. For a moment, I thought Lucas married Lilah and I was disappointed about that. I noticed the hair color difference, but I chalked it up as Buckley having trouble understanding lighting.

    Now that I know I’m wrong, I can still believe that Lilah hooked up with that one goth girl who had an affair with Ethan. HAWT.

    Oh man. I wish he’d included dialogue for that police scene.

    • I love the look on that cop’s face. Look at it. That’s a look of utter contempt.

      “Some things just aren’t worth dying for,” it says.

      Something that someone pointed out in Buckley’s blog post as to the future of CAD: there’s no mention of Lilah at all. He’s never really used her as a character all that much, when you think about it. I’m totally taking bets that Ethan’s new gal pal is going to be Abby (the goth girl).

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