The Oatmeal getting sued over cards

So Matt Inman is no stranger to weird lawsuits. The FunnyJunk lawsuit was pretty much the big talking point this summer. (Wait… it was this year? For some reason, it felt like it happened a long, long time ago.)

And now, The Oatmeal is getting sued over greeting cards.

This time, the party is the Papyrus-Recycled Greetings, which you may know from that kinda classy looking store in your mall, which is a division of the American Greetings corporation. These folks have a brand under Oatmeal Studios, which Papyrus has claimed that they’ve been using for 35 years.

Thus, in their point of view, Inman’s cards, which include some dude farting in his bed and a badger clamping onto someone’s naughty bits, may be damaging to the brand. This recalls the Apple lawsuit (where the Beatle’s music brand sued the computer company) and the Amazon lawsuit (where a small bookstore sued the online retailer). The big difference here is that while FunnyJunk’s attorney was likely a disorganized hippie, the might of the American Greetings brand is far more competent.

(h/t Robot 6)


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  1. You know, the last time I heard the name “American Greetings” was regarding that whole Penny Arcade Strawberry Shortcake Controversy. We know how that ended.

    So, yea, having no love for The Oatmeal myself, I can say there’s some… eh, I would say satisfaction, but in fact I can’t care about this enough. I just have the feeling that Inman is in quite the trouble.

  2. I’m torn.

    On the one hand, this seems like a pretty heavy-handed tactic on the part of American Greetings.

    On the other hand, dear lord are those Oatmeal cards unfunny.

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