Poll: what do you read when it’s not comics?



I know you’re a multi-faceted individual. A unique snowflake flitting around in this great big world of ours. And I know that comics ain’t the only thing you read…. OK, maybe it is. But I imagine, especially with the webcomic-reading crowd, that horizons are meant to be broadened.

So, readers, when you’re not reading comics, either the print or digital kind, what sort of printed literature do you ineffably find yourself gravitated to?


About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. No web media
    Like facebook , tumblr twitter etc
    Maybe it sounds stupid but one day of Facebook could equal one book chapter

  2. I can’t really answer this as it only allows one option.

    • I’d considered making this multiple choice, but then I thought that if I did that most people would mark up most of the options. I guess I’m making it a little tough to make you think. For example, I’ve read a ton of fiction in my life, but lately, if I was being really honest with myself, I’ve been reading a lot of reviews. (Enjoying reviews more than the actual thing they’re reviewing sometimes. I guess I appreciate the critical thinking aspect.)

  3. Hm. I guess forums count as ‘commentary’? That would definitely put that category at the top of my list.

  4. I didn’t really start reading comics until the recent years. There aren’t many comicbook stores in Cebu. Only recently did my local bookstores sold stuff like Maus and Understanding Comics. I’m a big fan of the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy. I only started reading novels that weren’t reading requirements after Highschool (I did read before that but not as often). I started with the Da Vinci Code and I thought it was really actiony but wished Robert Langdon would shut up.

  5. For print media, it’s probably about even between fiction and nonfiction. Recently finished Jeannette Winterson’s memoir, currently in the middle of a Stephen King novel, and just started the new Colbert book, which as satire of real events kind of walks the line.

    For all non-comic written works…I read a lot of fanfiction, which definitely puts the fiction side over the top.

  6. I answered fiction, but really it’s 50/50 with magazines (Nat Geo, Utne, Discover, Good, Mother Jones, among others) which also isn’t on the list, but then neither is parchment or animal hide… 😉 …I guess it fits in to books non-fiction.

  7. Hey. At least we’re reading.

  8. Lots of non-fiction, graphic novels, fiction. Kids books, young adult books, comic strip collections. Also, I do Math & Logic Puzzles (Dell/Penny Press). Print versions of webcomics: Digger, Order of the Stick, Narbonic, Skin Horse, Girl Genius, Gunnerkrig Court, etc.. Don’t yet have Schlock Mercenary in print form but I hope to very soon.

    Much depends on my mood and exhaustion/pain levels. If I’m having trouble with pain, I’ll likely re-read Wodehouse or Danny Dragonbreath or Narbonic; something enjoyable and fairly easy to read. If I’m feeling pretty well, though, then I might be reading up on Ancient China or some science book or the essays of George Orwell.

    I think a lot of that variety comes from being in a family of unapologetic biblioholics.

  9. Young Adult, Teen, Sci-Fi & Fantasy novels are the way to go! About 1/3 of what I read is still in paperback form and the rest is on my Kindle.

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