Minimum Security switches gears


The often controversial comic Minimum Security is switching gears! (Wait… can I say that? That sort of implies an industrial bias.) From a press release I received from Ms. McMillan:


The daily comic strip “Minimum Security,” created by Stephanie McMillan and distributed by Universal Uclick on, is about to shift gears.

The recent story begun on Earth Day 2010, wherein a group of friends attempts to save the world by stopping a geo-engineering project, drew to a conclusion on September 28, 2012.

Starting today there is a week long intermission, during which readers are invited to enjoy an original silent ballet interpretation by Victoria guinea pig, performing scenes from Maxim Gorky’s Mother.

Next week, starting on Monday, October 8, “Minimum Security” will begin a new, experimental phase entitled “Proletarian Theory is a Revolutionary Social Force.” Dusty books of heavy academic theory aside, revolutionary
politics can be amusing!

The purpose of this project is to develop working class consciousness and to popularize revolutionary politics, in an accessible form, as a contribution to the elimination of capitalism and for a classless society liberated from all forms of domination, exploitation and oppression. The cartoons will be linked to supplementary texts. Readers are invited to debate it, share it freely, and even, if so moved, use it as an organizing

Topics will include definitions of theoretical concepts, class analysis, forms of organization, and ideas for beginning to develop a political line.

Initial topics:

Week 1: Why theory is important.
Week 2: The influence of class domination on ideas.
Week 3: Idealism vs. materialism.

A sample cartoon is attached.

If we don’t figure out how to crush capitalism ASAP, the world is toast. Many efforts are being made. I offer this one small stream to join the mighty river that will sweep capitalism off the face of the Earth!

Hmmm. “…an original silent ballet interpretation by Victoria guinea pig, performing scenes from Maxim Gorky’s Mother.” That’s …. huuuhhhh?!?!?!??!

Anyway, readers who follow Minimum Security should not this isn’t the first time the comic featured a seismic change. There was the time that Kranti decided to go totally nativist and wear clothes made out of leaves. And then there was the recent update, where we find out Kranti is Indian (which was not quite apparent with her earlier pigtailed kiddie incarnation). The recent arc has seen the group heading a revolution — loosely based on the Occupy Movement — but getting felled in a tribute to Soviet-era movie Battleship Potemkin. They escape, though, after one of their friends reprogram some security drones to attack the riot police. Also, Bananabelle murders the lustful CEO with a handgun, but discovers that the actions didn’t change anything.

The recent update seems to be more scholarly in nature, if the sample panel would lead me to believe.


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  1. Not really a big fan of her stuff (mostly know her from Code Green). She always reminded me of an environmentally focused Ted Rall, and that’s not a good thing.

  2. The same person who wrote and/or drew As The World Burns? That was an awful comic, and some environmental activists I know in person were disappointed in how their position was horrendously misrepresented by McMillan’s extreme views. I don’t particularly know or care how this will turn out. No offense

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