That big xkcd comic

You know sometimes I don’t get what the big deal about xkcd is sometimes. However, other times, Randall Munroe manages to push the boundaries to the point where I go, “Yeah, I see why he’s a big deal.” Today is one of those days. Witness the giant comic that’s all the rage on the internet. You click and drag to view a seemingly neverending canvas. It reminds me a lot of the earlier xkcd strips, where they’d just be images of landscapes … only bigger this time.


This comic is so big that I sorta wanna ralph.

(h/t Fleen)


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  1. Aww man I spent a good 15 minutes scrolling and then gave up. I had to use this version to really enjoy it:

    Pretty impressive.

  2. I remember the Scott McCloud books musing about the infinite canvas and the internet. But then reality hit when people found the technical restrictions (slow internet speeds, small screen sizes, etc.) made it unfeasible. It looks like Munroe found a workaround using a JS script, several .PNG images patched together, and restricting the big picture so you can only see a little bit of it at a time in the last panel. Though quite a bit of it seems to be geeky reference humor and wide open spaces, it’s a great execution of the concept. Only problem is that it’s pretty difficult to share online unless you screencap it or link to the site Scott King posted.

  3. I went west and underground to reach the flag. Maybe, he should have just use the let us the arrow keys.

  4. But did you like it?

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