Poll: Color wars!

In Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud takes a break from his black and white style to discuss color. He breaks it down thusly:

  • In black and white, the ideas behind the art are communicated more directly. Meaning transcends form. Art approaches language. Example: Digger
  • In flat color, form takes on more significance. The world becomes a playground of shape and space. Example: The Princess Planet
  • With expressive colors, comics can become an intoxicating environment of sensations. (The downside, not mentioned by McCloud, is that these comics can take forever to come out.) Example: Unsounded

Early on, webcomics were primarily of the black-and-white or flat color variety. Now, though, more artistically inclined webcomic creators have entered the field, including some who are just dedicated colorists. We’re seeing quite a few more examples of the ones with expressive colors.

So, readers, which kind of webcomic do you prefer?


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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. i prefer good ones, colour has no bearing

  2. El Santo, I have to admit that your polls are always a little bit hard to answer because of the additional info that comes along with each voting option.

  3. I wanna vote for red. Also blue. Those are the best two colors. Their mightyness should let them triumph in the Wars of Color…

  4. It depends on which style suits the comic most! I don’t think Digger would be nearly as effective in color. I’m trying to imagine a style of coloring that would have the same impact, and coming up empty. Whereas there are other comics that are fully colorized, and beautifully so. And then some that are in color even though it doesn’t suit the lineart, and it just looks overdone.

    Generally speaking, though, the last option is really striking and appealing. It’s a lot harder to screw up greyscale than full-color, since you’re only worrying about brightness, not making the hues play nicely together. And spot-coloring becomes really powerful in a setting like that.

    From a creation standpoint…my first comic started in greyscale, had a storyline with spot-coloring, and eventually upgraded to flat colors, which I think was best for that series. Current comic was designed for greyscale with spot-coloring, and has been seriously fun to do.

  5. Imma go minority all up in here with black and white, because while it’s simple a lot can be done with it if you know how. Plus, those comics come out at a more regular rate and there are less occurrences of the Author using the old; “life’s getting in the way” excuse.

    Plus, I’m lazy as hell and I enjoy doing just black and white and screwing colour altogether.

    • *fistbump*

      I’m with you all the way, friend. I like expressive color, but there’s something magical about black and white. Especially in regards to manga. I haven’t read many good colored manga, but there have been plenty of fantastic black and white ones. Manga artists have especially elevated the monochromatic scheme to an art form.

      • Mm hmm, I’m right there with you on the Manga front(if the style of my avatar wasn’t a big enough hint). Though if you do black and white to the extent of something like Berserk, my point of it taking less time is nullified. The amount of detail that goes into that series I sometimes think is way more than any colour comic.

  6. I like comics that are done in pink and yellow colours such as are found in the internal structure of a peach.

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