Hipster Hitler is now in book form

Hey remember when there was a movie where Abraham Lincoln fought vampires with his gun axe? That didn’t do so well, in the most park because we, as a country, still revere Lincoln and don’t want to see him reduced to a terrible punchline. Hitler, meanwhile, has it coming to him. From the “Springtime For Hitler” sequence in The Producers to the “Downfall” meme, Hitler gags work because, darn it, that guy had it coming to him. In the world of webcomics, there’s James Carr and Archana Kumar’s Hipster Hitler. It recently got a book deal through Feral House, which contains dozens of previously unpublished comics where Hitler likely wears skinny jeans and ironic T-shirts.

From the press release:

In a competition of the most hated memes of modern times, “Hipster” has now caught up with “Hitler.” Artists James Carr and Archana Kumar thought, why not combine the two? After all, Hitler was indeed a hipster of his time, a vegetarian and failed artist in Vienna scrounging up extra dollars or kroner painting quick architecture scenes for the tourists.

In their heavily trafficked website, “,” these comic artists posit a new sort of history in which Hitler wears Silverlake-trendy glasses, thrift store sweaters, and outspoken T-shirts, and the reader begins to quickly understand the history of Hitler in a new and strangely engaging way.

Additional information from the authors:

“There’s a long tradition of laughing at despicable characters as a means of catharsis as well as entertainment, and Hipster Hitler carries that torch. We touch on issues of power-gone-mad, looking at the conditions and events that gave rise to a man like Hitler. Too often, Hitler is dehumanized and blindly feared. The very thing that makes Hitler as terrifying as he was is that he was human. Luckily, that’s also why we have permission to laugh at him, to take that power away, one comic and one chuckle at a time.

On the other side of the coin, everyone now knows what a hipster is (for better or worse). They permeate the media and saturate coffee shops with their inane chatter about Nick Cassavetes, knee socks, and the possibility of developing organic plastic. They are despised and laughed at by everyone, including other hipsters who do so ironically of course.

We are not trying to make fun of the victims and in no way are their deaths the subject of any comic in the book.”


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  1. Hm, I’m not too sure how I feel about this. Using Hitler as a stupid joke every now and then in Family Guy is fun for a quick laugh, but an entire series? I kinda feel that it’ll be fun to make fun of him for a bit, but then after awhile there may be a desire to explore him more and develop him, like any starring character of a series. And developing Hitler….. that’s gonna be…. eh…..

    I don’t know, I’m probably just being a tight ass, lets see how it goes.

    • The other possibility is that the comic rails on the same joke so many times that it loses its potency. Your and my outcomes also leave out the possibility that the creators will quit on a high note and move on to something else.

  2. I do not think hipsters despise other hipsters ‘ironically.’

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