Metapost: Well… here it is … the 2012 theme comes to the Webcomic Overlook

Switched over to the new 2012 theme… and, surprisingly, pretty painless. Admittedly it’s a little bland, but that just means there’s a canvas with which to pain new things on. I actually could’ve stayed with a look similar to the old one: it turns out the header is a crazy adaptable type where you can change it to be any size you want. The other thing is that the column widths are wider in this format… which is something that I like since I tend to do a lot of image posting, and a larger width means better-looking images.

With the 2012 template, the sidebar returns. This is a bit of a relief for me, since I was doubling down on some of the widgets just because the sidebar disappears when you click to read a full piece. (WordPress, by the way, likes to advertise the elegance of “no sidebars.” Poo to that, I say.) In addition, the site looks pretty great on the iPad. There’s also more options if I want to run with a static home page… but I’ll forego that until I figure out what I want to do with it.

I’ve actually been looking to change the theme since, oh, about February. Changing things around on this site energizes me. It also keeps me up to date. I remember back in the days when I had the original format, and I’ve come to the realization that if I didn’t change things around once in a while, the site would end up looking like one of those zombie blogs that haven’t been updated for years. So whenever sexy new templates come my way, I grab the opportunity by the hand and choke it down like Thanksgiving dinner.

A little peek behind the curtain: I put together some concept ideas before settling on the header that I decided to go with. Check out a few of my ideas behind the cut.

I actually kinda like this one, especially the swank title I created for it. In the end, though, I passed in it. The large amounts of white space in the 2012 format also kinda isolates the image, too, and it would’ve looked a little lonely at the top of the page.

That said, I also wanted to go a brand new direction. I’ve done the cartoony luchador thing for two years, and it was time for a change.

My original photo concept. I had this silly notion of equating webcomics with food. On the screen is my first draft of my fakey webcomic, “Overlook Comix.” I decided to change the last panel, though, because the face was creeping me out. The two characters in there, by the way, are me and a cartoon character that showed up in the screens on that one Eddie Guerrero/iPad wrestler I had on previous versions of the header.

See? She’s right there. In the tiny screen.

Um… I never had a name for her. I guess I’ll call her “Bun Li.” Because she’s a bunhead. Like those ballerinas in that one show… NBC’s Smash. I decided not to go with this one, though, because that table looks awfully sparse.

I also tried out a psychadelic eye concept, but darn it, I couldn’t make it so that it didn’t look like amateur hour. This was drawn, by the way, using the ArtStudio app. It’s the same app I used to draw the “Overlook Comix.”

Here’s my final version of the header. I guess I liked the symbolism of it. Webcomics on the same pile with a bunch of classic comic books. In that pile are the following books and collections that I’ve accumulated over the years:

  • Terry and the Pirates
  • Prince Valiant
  • The Greatest Superboy Team-Ups Ever Told
  • The Dark Knight Returns
  • Bone
  • Batman: Son of the Demon

Photographed but cropped out of the image are Kingdom Come and Peanuts. Sorry, Sparky.

And here’s “Overlook Comix”, where Bun Li gets her revenge on my horrible review:

Anyway, I hope this experiment goes well. If it doesn’t, there are other, more visually stunning themes to migrate to.

And if you’re facing any issues, like, say, the text is too hard to read or certain old reviews have gone to seed, bring them up and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible!


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  1. Hmmm… I’m having some issues with some of the layout. Heads up that it may change one more time before the week is over.


    And my Android still just squishes this page into a mess, so I don’t get to experience the handheld slickness. T_T

    • Aww… Sorry about that. I decided not to go with “2012” after seeing what it looked like in a test run. I went with “Mystique” instead. “2012” has the advantage of being sized for every sort of screen, but the results were barebones and a work in progress, so it seemed to me. “mystique” is glitzy, at least on a standard computer screen.

      I’m pretty sure there’s a standard mobile layout available, though, since when I pull it up on my iPhone it looks like the old mobile layout. I don’t know if that’s unique to iDevices, though.

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