Metapost: Heads up on theme change!

Just a heads up, but sometime within the next month I’ll probably be changing the format of this site yet again.  WordPress recently released their new 2012 theme, and I like what I’m seeing so far.  It’s got a much cleaner look than the current 2011 theme, and several more options.  The one that I like is that the sidebars have returned; in the current format, the only way to retain the same effect was to banish the “sidebars” to the bottom of the page, causing some double redundancy.  (If you notice in the first page, I have the “Most Recent Articles” in both the sidebar and the bottom of the page as sort of a workaround.)

I also want to get a little ahead of the curb regarding mobile devices.  The old 2011 format was always adapting its mobile platform as new mobile devices hit the market and new features (such as the WordAds) became available.  My guess is that most of focus with regard to new features will now shift to the 2012 template.

The downside is that it is a little bland-looking at first glance.  It looks more appropriate to food or photography blogs, methinks.  But the again, so was the 2011 theme before I got around to customizing it.   The upside is that the template comes with customized headers and backgrounds.  I’m still trying to think up of a design theme, and whether I should continue with the current look (which has worked well for this site, admittedly) or try for something completely radical.

If there are any quibbles with the site during the design makeover, feel free to let me know and I’ll try my best to get on top of it!


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  1. Good luck with the new theme, then! I do like the design theme you’ve got has worked pretty well for…how long have you had it? I think I’ve been reading your blog for close to 2 years. I think. *scratches head* The luchador thing certainly is unique, but in a fun way.

    I like to watch the new themes that come out, but most of the ones in the past year or so seem to be focused towards photo or video blogs. I had Twenty-Ten for quite awhile, before switching to Chateau in order to look less bland. Twenty-Eleven didn’t seem to suit me, and I’m not sure if Twenty-Twelve will, so I kind of look forward to how it looks after you fiddle with it.

    • Thanks! I’m probably going to stick with a luchador theme, though I’ve been playing around with maybe a psychedelic theme (centering around an eye… hey, it is “overlook”) or a retro 70’s photo theme with tons of half-tones. I still haven’t settled on it. I’m looking around blog design sites to get ideas.

      I share your love for the 2010, though. That was a solid theme.

      • Very solid. Well, I look forward to whatever you settle on. And forgive my typo in the second sentence, there. I’m usually good about grammar and such, but I type pretty quickly and sometimes press the submit button too soon. +)

  2. I’m a former Twenty Eleven user and I’ve been switching back and forth between Twenty Twelve and Able. I do want a responsive width theme. I know that for those viewing on mobiles the sidebars display below the posts. I’m not into settings a static front page and the 2012 Showcase page template is for that purpose. The bonus is being able to include widgets of your choice on it. To me 2012 looks a lot like Linen. It has post formats that I’m not likely to use. The customizable header is pretty standard and the custom background amounts to two strips at the top and bottom of the blog. What disappoints me most about it is that there is no option to change the link colors. I’m still indecisive at this point.

    • “The customizable header is pretty standard and the custom background amounts to two strips at the top and bottom of the blog.”

      Really? Bah. Maybe I should try out “Sight” instead. Thanks for the input!

  3. I should point out that I’m going to be goofing around with the header this week to get a good feel for what some concepts I’m trying are going to look like in the final product. So enjoy some header concepts that might never see the light of day!

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