Some sort of Homestuck vidya game is probably coming to a console near you

Though he still has 28 days to go, apparently Andrew Hussie has raised the $700K needed (and more!) to fund a Homestuck video game through Kickstarter. To put that in perspective, that’s roughly the cost of Will.I.Am’s DeLorean. That’s right: Andrew Hussie raised some Black Eyed Peas money.

I imagine a video game adaptation can be pulled off pretty nicely. The Homestuck comic is structured like a hybrid adventure/The Sims style game already. You can probably expect Hussie to bring his oddball humor, his simple yet easily fan-arted character designs, and his love for overly long chatlogs to the proceedings.

Which brings to mind the most pertinent question: wither the Problem Sleuth video game? Sorta wanna play that ridiculous Final Fantasy boss battle at the end.

It won’t be the first webcomic turned into a video game, by the way. Let’s not forget the Penny Arcade game, nor that infamous Blade Kitten game that apparently killed Krome Studios.

(h/t ComicsAlliance)


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  1. I’m not a Homestuck reader, but I’ve got to give Hussie credit: pulling down $700K in 2 days is no small feat. It’s a testament to Hussie’s skill, and to the dedication of his fanbase.

    I wonder how much higher the Kickstarter will go – will it beat Order of the Stick’s $1.25 million?

  2. I wonder what would happen if someone actually paid for the God tier rewards.

    • LOL, I looked at those and it was, like, shit I need a million dollars stat.

    • Looks like somebody paid the $10,000 for their fantroll to cameo and then be killed off. Fiscal responsibility? pfffffffff

      Oh and El Santo, you gonna be reviewing MSPA’s current juggernaut phenomenon anytime soon, or are you waiting until Homestuck’s drawn to a close?

      • I really should get around to reviewing Homestuck, huh? I’ve read quite a bit of it. I’m guessing that I stopped since some of the panels don’t work on my iPad, and that’s how I read plenty of webcomics these days. But yeah, I will definitely put it back on my queue.

      • It’d be awesome if a random troll appears in the game and goes “Hi, my name is XXXXX, My interests include XXXXX, XXXXX, and XXXXX.” And then he instantly dies.

  3. Jesus Christ! Why does he need so much money for? Must have some huge plans for the game, though personally I can’t figure out how deep a Homestruck game can really be.

    • You can’t figure out how deep a Homestuck game can be?
      Have you… read the comic?

    • Worst of all the faq says that they have no clue what the game will even be like, they wouldn’t have an idea how to make a budget for this. I would like to refrain from using the word “scam” but its hard not too when you ask for about a million bucks on making a game that you don’t know what it’ll be like on a series of comics made in MS paint.

      • To be fair though the rewards are pretty awesome so it’s almost worth donating just for the rewards. Also I could of sworn he said it would be an adventure game.

        • Well I don’t agree on the rewards too much, esspecially the $10,000 one, but to each his own. Now he did say that it would be an adventure game, but that’s as vague as saying you want a platformer. In his faq he did say he didn’t know what it would be like and that’s a big problem for me when you make a budget this high. Without those details, we don’t know if he even needs a budget at all.

      • It’s actually photoshop. And, they’ve made games before for the comic, so it’s not too hard to imagine what it would be like. In a way it’s not too far from Tim Schafer and his Double Fine Adventures Kickstarter.

        • I disagree because Tim Schafer knew what he was making and why he needed his budget. This insane budget is just that. At the very least you should have your game design documents made before you make a budget.

          To say that you want to make a game, don’t know what it’ll be like and then throw a budget without making any documents isn’t how you’re supposed to do it.

          • But all Tim Schafer said on his Kickstarter was that he’s making a 2D adventure game. In an interview, he said that he had no ideas or concepts other than that it’ll be an adventure game, because he wanted everything to happen during the documentary.

    • That is not really a huge budget for a game though. I mean, I know the smaller groups of people who use kickstarter to put together indie titles typically do it for less, but normal games have multi-million dollar budgets :\ I mean, if his fans are willing to kick him the money he may as well make the highest quality game he can, yeah?

  4. @tredlow

    Well, let me rephrase that. He knew what to expect when it came to making these kinds of games because of how long he’s done things like this. He had worked with Lucas Games and made a good handful of games before this time. But there was a tad more to it than that; he was trying to prove that people would be willing to have one made, since he couldn’t get finances before on the grounds that no one would.

    The thing is, he has been around alot longer and has had the experience to gauge what he wanted to do with this project with its particular production values. Not to mention he does own a studio and that means that he’ll have to pay a staff to do the work (likely a fairly sizable one at that).

    My issue when it comes to this has more so to do with Andrew’s experience gauging budgets and making games. He could have asked for alot less on this just because this is an indie project that probably doesn’t need too much thrown at it. Really, he may need money to hire some artists or musicians, but I doubt he has a staff that he needs to pay which is where the budget usually goes on things.

    • I do agree with you on that; Andrew’s asking for quite a lot of money for this project. Tim Schafer asked for quite less even though he’s also making a documentary series with those funds. Though, it seems from the Kickstarter page that Andrew’s hiring an actual independent video game company for this. Maybe that’s where the money’s going.

      However, the only thing that is set in stone is that the game will be related to Homestuck. He didn’t set a limit for what he’s making. Sure, if he’s already planning on making a small, simple adventure game, he’d probably only need 200k. But he wasn’t planning on that, or planning on anything. This way, he can’t under/overestimate the cost to make the game. If he has more money, then he’ll just make something bigger.

      The only risk is if the funds didn’t reach its goal, and the project doesn’t happen.

    • Andrew specifically said he was working with a pre-existing game company to make the thing, so, yes, there will be staff that need to be paid. The kickstarter blurb says he pulled together the budget based on discussion with the actual developers he thinks he is going to work with, it is not something he invented himself.

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