Digger wins first post-Girl Genius Hugo Award for Best Graphic Novel

The Hugo Awards have been announced, and for the first time ever the award for Best Graphic Novel does not go to Girl Genius. That is because the Foglios withdrew their nomination this year, preferring that some else win the award (to prove that it is a “viable award”) rather than win in perpetuity. This time, though, the award goes to another webcomic creator: Ursula Vernon, creator of the “Wut” pear. Also Digger, the actual Hugo winner which is a fantasy comic about a grouchy wombat. Ms. Vernon beats out Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham (Fables), Joe Hill (Locke & Key), Howard Tayler (Schlock Mercenary), and Mike Carey and Peter Gross (The Unwritten).

Congratulations to Ms. Vernon! May you meet or exceed the record of your predecessor.

(h/t io9)


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  1. Yes yes yes! So happy for this!

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