Reubens are awarded for things other than sandwiches

Apologies for not being up to date, but here in the States it was Memorial Day weekend. I had to deal with two picnics and one trip to the clinic — strangely not for getting my stomach pumped but for getting cured of my clogged ear. (Yuck.)

So with that pleasant image logded in your mind, I should remind you that the National Cartoonist Society awarded its first ever Reuben to a webcomic. And that award went to — ta ta ta dah! — Scenes from a Multiverse, by Jon Rosenberg, which beat out The Oatmeal and Penny Arcade. It’s too bad I don’t have a Sugarshock-o-meter for this one, since I had a feeling that this would be the easy winner. But honestly … it’s the Reuben. You know … the one where The Duplex also won an award for best comic strip.

NOTE: I should point out, by the way, that the Reubens were actually named after one Rube Goldberg, who was awesome.


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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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