2012 Eisners Announced; here we go again!

I missed it yesterday, but the 2012 Eisner Awards have been announced! Webcomic creators are getting recognized across the board. Brian Clevinger is getting nominated for Atomic Robo in the category of Best Limited Series. Dave Kellett is getting some recognition in the category of Best Humor Publication for Coffee: It’s What’s For Dinner. Amil and Khalil, who got nominated for Zahra’s Paradise last year, are getting a second chance in the Best Graphic Album – Reprint category. Ramón K. Pérez, whom some of you may know from the webcomic Kukuburi, is getting nominated many times (Best Graphic Novel – New, Best Penciller, Best Coloring) for his work on Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand.

And, of course, there’s the nominations for Best Digital Comic. Here they are:

Bahrain, by Josh Neufeld,
Battlepug, by Mike Norton,
Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant, by Tony Cliff,
Outfoxed, by Dylan Meconis,
Sarah and the Seed, by Ryan Andrews,

I’ve read three of these (Battlepug, Delilah Dirk, and Sarah and the Seed). I’ve also read previous works by Mr. Neufeld and Ms. Meconis. I expect all of them to be very strong entries .. and right now, nothing’s really sticking out as a clear-cut winner. That’s what the patented Sugarshock-o-meter is for!

Congratulations to all the nominees! As always, the Webcomic Overlook will look at each nominee in the yearly round-up (2011, 2010, 2009).


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