Poll: What’s your favorite genre of webcomic?

Webcomics come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they have nothing to do with video games! Each of us has our favorite genre. Which one is yours?


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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. I just discovered I’m weirdly nitpicky about this topic, so I wrote this novel. I think your articles are really cool and the polls are fun but I do wish that this one had less rigid answers.

    Honestly I just like webcomics with strong characters and a forward-moving narrative. I’m not partial to any particular genre as long as the narrative is given preferential treatment over gags. I’m not really sure that sentiment was represented in any of the answers, but I ended up going with ‘sci-fi/fantasy adventure’ since it seems like most narrative webcomics take that direction (despite the fact that I think straight-up sci-fi/fantasy webcomics are getting kinda tired).

    I’m also not sure about listing art styles (‘manga’, ‘furry’, possibly ‘indie’?) as genres, since it’s just an aesthetic difference. I realize there are people who will only read things in a certain art style, but a big reason for that, unfortunately, is that the art style is so often categorized as a genre. I mean, if you look at Lackadaisy for example, you could just make the characters human and it wouldn’t change the story in the slightest. (It also wouldn’t fit any of the categories listed anymore, but I digress.) There are probably furry comics where the fact the characters are anthro matter (in which the likelihood is high that there’s some kind of Fantasy Racism aspect involved, and then they start looking an awful lot like the Fantasy genre…) In the case of manga though, I think you’d be hard pressed to find one where whether they’re drawn in an Eastern or Western style seriously affects the story.

    But yeah, I realize the polls are probably just fun stuff (and they are), but I’d be really interested in seeing the results to this one if it was broken it up into a couple different polls (Maybe: Favorite art style for webcomics? Gag-a-day or narrative? Favorite genre [excluding art styles/formats]?)

    Also the last option made me laugh out loud, but now I’m afraid that someone will actually pick it.

  2. I know it’s not really a genre because it can have several genres within it but Long Form Webcomic should be on the list, specially since you include Gag-A-Day. Though the whole poll is a bit wonky cause it does mix art styles with story genres.

    • I hear your concerns, Scott and Nov. It was really tough to define a genre. For example, I guess manga-style is more of an art style than a genre. I mean, there are plenty of horror manga out there, so you’d have to split the difference. And yet the style itself does have its own set of devoted followers as you would in a genre, which is why places like Barnes & Noble give it its own category. I guess rule of thumb is that if there’s a particular type of story you like, do you like it because of the plot, or because of the way it’s presented artistically? I imagine there’s a lot of manga or furry fans who enjoy certain comics mainly because of the art style employed.

      And yeah, I guess gag-a-day really is a catchall for too many comics and not really a genre, but I had no idea what to call the Sheldons and Sandra and Woos and Savage Chickens of the world. Traditional four-panel newspaper style comics, maybe?

  3. Where is the “all of the above” option?

  4. Manga style comics! Woo! They are so sugoi minna!~

  5. I jut follow good and interesting comics period.

  6. Whatever has the biggest archive.

  7. So you have a “superhero parody” option but not a “superhero” option…? 😩

    • I left “superhero” out mainly because there were so many superhero parodies (Evil Inc., SuperFogeys, The Adventures of Superhero Girl, the Non-Adventures of Wonderella, etc.) and relatively few superhero webcomics. Most superheroes are still with the big publishers and being released in digital comic format (which I don’t consider webcomics).

      • if you do a super hero webcomic that does not really on comedy, to stand out your comic should be at least on dc/marvel comics level.
        and its kinda hard because each of those comics are done by several people (letterist, inker, colorist, writter, editor, unknown interns etc)

  8. I feel like whatever it is that draws me to certain comics more than others isn’t actually a genre. More likely it’s simply good writing.

    Also these options don’t seem to really fit some of my favorites.

  9. Loved the last post.

    • Or rather, loved the last poll option ^_^;

      Didn’t vote though, since I’m incredibly indecisive and I read so many webcomics I can’t pick a favourite genre.

  10. While I love my sci-fi fantasy in print, for webcomics I love gag-a-day. I find folloiwng the story more difficult in webcomics. Don’t get me wrong, it can be done right, but I like highly disposable comics I can easily read on my phone thorughout the day!

  11. Whatever you fit MSPaint Adventures Under

  12. I perfer gag-a-day and dramatic webcomics. Most days I perfer a webcomic where I don’t need to go all the way to the first page to know what is going on, so a gag-a-day fits. Then there are times I just want to read a visual story, so dramatic with some action( though that still optional) does me great.

    Don’t know where to recommend webcomics, but I hope you review Grey is…

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