One Punch Reviews #58: Nerd Rage

Man, if nerds are known for one thing it’s … not … being … able … to shut … the hell … up. Seriously, man, check out some of the comments posted this AV Club review of the game Borderlands. You’d think that, by not liking a video game, someone just insulted their religion. I’m sure pretty much the rest of you can come up with your own examples… including, um, several reviews posted on this very site.


So it’s time to channel that apoplectic manchild within, because today we take a look at a comic about nerds, rage, and the consequences thereof. It’s Andy Kluthe’s webcomic, Nerd Rage, where nerds are more ragin’ than Cajuns.

It’s a gaming webcomic, so you know the drill. There’s a lot of parody material, like that old webcomic stand-by Mario (who at this point is probably more a webcomic character than a video game character) and Samus making wacky faces in a gag I don’t entirely get. Still, I like that rage face.

Most of the comic, though, stars two nerds: fat nerd and skinny nerd. I’m pretty sure they have names… the fat one refers to the skinny one as “dude” a lot … but given that the “Characters” link is inactive I’m not going to kill myself trying to find it. They could be named “Lethan” and “Ucas” for all I know. Fat nerd is the mellow voice of reason. Skinny nerd, on the other hand, is just so very mad.

How mad? Well, we open the comic with him ranting about how the new Alien movie is going to be a prequel! Oh, the indignity! Fat nerd tries to calm him down, reminding him that the last two Alien films were pretty terrible. Skinny nerd says anything after 1991 is dead to him. “So you haven’t ween Alien vs. Predator?” fat nerd asks.

After a few beats, skinny nerd replies, “I mistook it for a new series about Chris Hansen catching illegal immigrants.” Oh! Shut the front door! ‘Cuz Jay leno’s all up in this piece! He then goes on to complain how the Alien prequel is going to have Jake Lloyd and Jar Jar Binks in ’em, because… prequels. Amirite?

So strip after strip is basically Angry, Skinny Nerd getting angry over something, as nerds are prone to do. In one arc, Skinny Nerd gets angry about girls in the comic store. Why? Because they are total posers. And then gets angry that the one who isn’t a poser reads Deadpool.

I’m going to give Mr. Kluthe some credit here and say that he doesn’t necessarily share the views of Skinny Nerd, who’s more a parody of unpleasant, argumentative dweebs than anything. You know, the kind who are more bark than bite, and who’d be a lot happier if he’d just let things go once in a while.

The thing that saves Skinny Nerd from becoming another Rayne Summers is that his rage-filled pop-culture obsession generally does make his life seem pretty miserable and pathetic. I liked a recent Valentine’s Day theme strip where our Skinny Nerd is so hung up on Harvest Moon that he tries to win the heart of a girl by bringing her fruit. I admit, I smiled. Quite a few of the gags in Nerd Rage are actually rather funny.

Still, you do have to read through many strips with an indignant, self-righteous nerd. Even if he’s intentionally played for laughs, having to sit through strip after strip of a guy who hates everything can get pretty old.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to respond to a totally wrong post from a Tom Paris/B’Leanna Torres shipper. Paris/Kes forever, GOD DAMN IT!

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5).


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  1. Speaking of which, how is your Least I Could Do review coming along?

    • Augggggghhhh!

      Seriously, though, I need to get back on that. 🙂 I am actually considering it for my review #200, which is one reason I’m dragging my feet on those. (And also because real life is rather busy at the moment.) But I have not abandoned it, no sirree.

  2. I went through, but couldn’t manage more than a smirk at any of the jokes, and I’m in the target audience and get most of them. Still, the art’s remarkably nice for a gag-a-day about two gamers.

  3. I noticed you doing a lot of reviews on these gags a strip comics lately. Not reading any crazy narrative driven comics as of late?

    And I just went through some of the strips. Not bad, Skinny Nerd is just so damn annoying though. So good job to the author!

    • Heh. I actually have, but I’ve been quite busy this month with several non-webcomics-related projects (and two webcomics related projects not on this site, incidentally) that I’ve been doing some quick and dirty reviews just to have something to write on. I had this one long-form comic I was going to review earlier this month, but it was hard to pull myself away to finish it. I should be back into a more natural swing of things next month, though.

  4. The joke in the Samus strip is that Adam is a prick who arbitrarily withholds equipment. She’s angry because he doesn’t let her use the Varia Suit, which protects against lava, while she’s in an active volcano.

    • Also, I’m curious if he knows that ‘And I Must Scream’ was based on a book, and if he’s read it. Because otherwise he doesn’t really have the right to get mad at people who don’t recognise it.

      • So, if I tell you it’s actually a short story, does that mean your argument is invalid?

        And there is also the fact that Harlan Ellison wrote the game’s plot, and voiced AM.

        • Yes, it renders my pedantic whining completely pointless, since it was based on nitpicking in the first place. Oops.

          Also yeah, I knew that. I don’t see what that has to do with my now pointless point, though.

  5. Paris/Kes? I’m sorry, but that totally neglects the obvious chemistry of Paris/Harry Kim. Those two are destined, lemme tell you, destined.

    On a more serious note, is anyone ever going to write a realistic (as opposed to comedic) story about nerds? I’ve tried (it’s bloody hard), but I keep hoping maybe somebody else will do it.

    • probably since most webcomics nerds are modeled after the penny arcade duo and Buckley so probably we will neevr get serious nerds anyway
      nerds is the new latino in the mainstream media so expect more from tv soon.

  6. So much misogyny. To bad he doesn’t bash the male geekdom as hard as it deserves and falls into the usual schtick. (Those two fangirl caricatures are hilarious though).

  7. not unfunny, but the main character is so off-putting, it’s hard to read even when he’s the butt of the joke.

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