One Punch Reviews #56: Gronk

Ladies and gentlemen of the webcomic reading society, we live in cynical times. What’s up is down. What’s left is right. Boys are becoming men. Men are becoming wolves. It’s in an uncertain world like ours that you have to sit down and ask yourself, “What would Gronk do?”

Gronk was created by Katie Cook, a professional comic artists who has worked on things for, Star Wars Mighty Mugg designs, Star Wars the Clone Wars online comics, an ACME Star Wars Empire Strikes Back fine art print, and the Fraggle Rock comic. She also does a webcomic about an adorable little monster named Gronk. And by monster, I don’t mean that metaphorically as in Lady Gaga fans. I mean an actual monster with green skin and scales and a tail. Fortunately, Gronk is one of those friendly monsters, like Cookie Monster, and not one of those Lovecraftian fanged hell-beasts that spread disease and nightmares, like Elmo.

In fact, Gronk is almost too adorable. Like, look at this scene where Gronk cradles a stuffed animal after it’s been ripped apart. Aww, wook at that poow monstew. Dontcha wanna give hew a hug? Gronk chases after kitties, uses supercute phrases like “I had to make a boom boom,” and generally gets involved in After School Specials. And there’s lots of hugging. And hearts floating around everywhere. Which sorta makes Gronk a modern day Family Circus.

After Gronk runs away from her monstrous relatives, she gets adopted by Dale Wilco. Dale is a young woman who live in Middle of Nowhere, British Columbia, which conveniently sequester her from prying eyes who might be wondering why her green-skinned kid is running around naked. She also has a big fluffy dog and a cute little cat, because this webcomic just was not cute enough. Katie Cook Dale is also a big ol’ nerd. She raises Gronk through the power of pop culture. There are plenty of references to Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman, and Star Trek. Which is… um… (darn it, don’t say cute… don’t say cute… where’s that thesaurus?) … um … pulchritudinous?

Gronk is so darned sweet that prolonged exposure puts you in danger of diabetic shock. It definitely gets far too saccharine for my tastes. Still, its presence is a welcome one. As a whole, webcomics are typically aimed at teens and college students. The humor tends to be cynical and sarcastic. There’s nothing wrong with that: it’s the sort of humor that got me into webcomics in the first place. Gronk, on the other hand, is different. There is not a bad bone in Gronk‘s body.

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5).


About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. Dammit El Santo! Your ability to crack me up through boring plain text has beaten me yet again!
    That said, I read this a little while back. It is indeed very adorable, looks like I got some catching up to do.

  2. I remember reading this a while back. I love Gronk’s design. I’d buy a plushy.

  3. 3/5? Sorry, but that’s just too low. Gronk is one of the biggest highlights of my week, and it’s the first thing I look for every Friday morning.

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