Metapost: SOPA Protest Blacks Out The Internet

So apparently a whole bunch of sites are going dark tomorrow as a protest to the SOPA anti-piracy bill being floated around in the US Senate. What is SOPA? That would be the Stop Online Anti-Piracy Act, which is set to come down HARD on anyone using copyrighted material.

So, tomorrow, little known sites like Reddit and Wikipedia are among the sites participating in an online protest that envisions a world with … NO SPRINGS!

Want to view cat photos with misspelled captions in Impact font?


Or use the world’s largest online encyclopedia to complete your term paper?


Wait. Did I say “springs”? I meant “no internet.” Why did I think of “springs“?

A Softer World is in on the protest, so if you’re looking for photographs with tenuously related captions on ’em… no dice, my friend. Meanwhile, David Rees of Get Your War On has put together a special Get Your Censor On to show how internet censorship will lead to more Yellow Pages.

WordPress users can apparently join in using a plug-in. The Webcomic Overlook will be open though, partly do to laziness, partly through a fear of plug-ins.

I know, I know. I probably should be more concerned since I reprint webcomic images for my reviews and I use what is quite possibly a copyrighted image on a famous luchador as my avatar. But, well, I prefer to soldier on and adapt to different rules and regulations as time wears on. Man, I’m still suffering combat fatigue from the Napster Wars.


About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. Son of Splatman

    I thought SOPA stood for “Splatman’s Online Pie-racy Act?” I guess we’ll have to see where all this bruhaha leaves us. I’m no fan of censorship, but I also appreciate efforts to discourage cyber-pie-rates. Could it effect the murky seas of ‘fair use?’ People have even questioned MY ‘intellectual property’….!!! …. . Not the property, just the “intellectual” part……?

  2. Wordpresspluginy

    SO, you hate WordPress plug-ins do ya? Well I’m WordPresspluginy the WordPress Plug-in Sprite, and I’m here to make all the WordPress Plug-ins go away forever! NOOOO WORDPRESS PLUG-INS?!! HAHAHAHAHAH!

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