Metapost: It’s over 2 Million!

I popped into my stats page this morning to find out that the page view count on this site is (switching to gravelly Vegeta voice) OVER 2 MILLION!!!!

That’s … wow. Honestly, when I started out this site, I didn’t think I’d ever break 200,000 page views. Thanks for everyone who has every dropped by to ever hear me talk about this funny phenomenon of comics on the web. I love having you guys drop by, whether you agree with my opinions or not.

Now for another 2 million! We need to to train … IN THE GRAVITY CHAMBER!

(EDIT: Heh. And what do you know. This is also my 700th post. It’s Milestone Thursday, baby!)


Posted on January 12, 2012, in metapost. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Congrats dude!!!! 2 million and still going strong!!!
    Can’t wait till you review my webcomic :Y (which i heavnt officialy started -_-)

  2. congrats welcome to the club, you should put a couple of adds at least to pay for the domain

    • Thanks! I’d thought of putting up ads, but the free WordPress subscription I’m using actually doesn’t allow for ads due to concerns over content. (For now, anyway. I think they’re pilot testing some secure ad system at the moment.) It’s OK, though. I only have to really pay for the domain name, and that’s a cheap $17 a year.

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