Metapost: Welcome to the end of the world

Happy New Year’s 2012! Sorry for not being on this site the last couple of weeks. As you may have guessed, the holiday was a busy, busy time.

2012 will bring reviews like normal, but with more and more webcomics transitional to “mainstream” from “obscure” I think I’ll switch my focus to lesser known comics this year. That’s not to say that I’m not going to review some notable Harvey Award winners like … guh … Least I Could Do.

In fact, I did try reading LICD over the Christmas break to get a head start. Worst. Christmas. Ever.

I was also too busy to do an end of the year re-cap like I did last year. Maybe I’ll find time this year … if we survive that long. Just make sure that they’re not building three arks over in China, is all I’m saying.

(As a side note, 2012 is one of those movies that my wife just cannot watch without getting uncomfortable. From my point of view, it’s a goofy movie. It didn’t occur to me until last week, when my relatives and I were looking at old pictures, why watching disaster movies is such a grueling experience. I’d forgotten that, growing up, she was very close to the Mt. Pinatubo eruption, which means she lived through a very tough time of canned sardine rations, ash that was literally knee-deep, and the sense that you could die at any moment. It was a sobering thought.)

Happy 2012, y’all!


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  1. you missed a lot of stuff , the avenger controller penny arcade internet fight that demolished a company, gutters getting a repriment from marvel comics, the return of shelly at bad machinery, and Ryan North adventure time boom comic etc.

  2. Yay, my wish for the LICD review is coming true! That is a wonderful Christmas surprise indeed, despite being a week late.

    • You’re definitely going to have to wait a while, though. I only read one month’s worth in the archive (which is 31 strips) before shutting down my screen in disgust. I…

      I don’t know it I can make it…

      • Dont give up you are the guy who read the entire cad archives,
        Anyway do you really need to read the entire thing its not it has a big continuity,
        its a strip format with just one or two formulas.

        you dont have to read every superman comic since 1939 just to review the death of superman,

        • Actually, I started with the first 2011 story arc, with plans on maybe doing only 2009-2012. Though… you seem to be presenting me with a challenge ….

          • Maybe you could cut the review into different parts (maybe based on the artist at the time) like the CAD review but that would mean reading almost all (if not all) of the comics in the archive.

      • Don’t wimp out on us! I am seriously looking forward to that post. Bonus if you ever go read the “discussions” of the particularly terrible/offensive strips, where his fan base proves to be full of racist, misogynist, terrible people.

      • we believe in you santo.
        plus I have been waiting for you to review LICD for SO LONG

  3. “I only read one month’s worth in the archive (which is 31 strips) before shutting down my screen in disgust.”
    I think that is a very thorough review.
    Do we need to dwell on why it sucks? I certainly don’t need my dislike of LICD validated. And I can’t in good conscience encourage you to such abuse just to hear you say mean things about it. (And by “mean things”, I mean ” the truth”.)
    Seriously, don’t do it unless you feel a distinct need to review it. Life’s too short, man.

    • I think I want to check it out mainly because there are a some critics, many of whom I respect, who really like LICD. I would like to understand why. It did win a Harvey Award after all. Perhaps my 1 month overview is wrong, and if I go back to the beginning I may actually warm up to LICD. I certainly did with CAD — in my review, I think I mentioned that 2004-2005 was not totally horrible, and CAD had a glimmer of being a good comic for a while there.

      Also I secretly have sadomasochist tendencies.

      • “Also I secretly have sadomasochist tendencies.”
        I think we all know that my man, it’s mostly why we all come here.

      • but unlike CAD his archives are a way bigger!

      • “I think I want to check it out mainly because there are a some critics, many of whom I respect, who really like LICD.”
        ^ This. For a bad popular webcomic, not that much people make fun of it. I mean the guy makes money doing this so he must have a good reader base.

        It’s like if you’re offensive. You are exempted from being funny because it makes one group look and feel superior. Anyone who disagrees with the comic or finds it unfunny is automatically part of the inferior class. I guess that the appeal, boosting ones ego.

  4. That last paragraph kinda just brought the mood to a very awkward area. I was like “Alright! Sounds like it’s gonna be a good year for us readers!” and then “Oh…. now I just feel like an ass for laughing my ass off at that movie…..”

  5. Godspeed Brave warrior!!!! XD

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