The Webcomic Overlook’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2011

It’s Christmas time again, which means it’s time to put together a Holiday Gift Guide? Mainly because everyone seems to be doing it, and I’m all about jumping on the bandwagon.

Looking for that unique webcomic related gift to give yourself your loved one who’ll probably scratch their heads in bafflement.

Say you’ve got a webcomic enthusiast friend. They’ve got the shirt with the malapropism tangentially related to a webcomic. They’ve got a saucy baseball cap. But how can you really say you’re decked out head-to-toe in webcomic gear unless you’ve got something for your toes? It’s Penny Arcade to the rescue, with their one-of-a-kind Penny Arcade themed shoes! Get the sort of gift that will make people stop, stare, and say, “Hey, a fan of the Denver Broncos too, huh?”

Man, know someone who can’t get enough of those HI-larious internet acronyms? OMG, amirite? Already got them that “I Can Has Cheeseburger” coffee table book? Then how about a vinyl LOLBat figure, which will get you ROTFL for minutes on end! He’s TAROTVSSVF (totally a repaint of the very similar Skull vinyl figurine)!

Is your special someone perhaps a fan of dragons? Specifically, dragons designed by an employee of Paws, Inc., the caretakers of the Garfield franchise? Then check out this swank plushie of Frank the Dragon from Legend of Bill!

Is your office co-worker/wage slave, in fact, alive? But perhaps their demeanor just screams “I have long given up on life and unless I get caffeine in me I remain looking this way”? Well wake them up with a gift from Death At Your Door: the “I’m not dead! I just need more coffee” mug!

Who can forget the heartwarming story of when Lucas totally pwned a bunch of religious leaders to validate Ethan’s made up Holiday? Or that story where Ethan actually meets the God of Video Games? And how about that heartwarming story where a guy spends his entire life playing video games, then enters the Pearly Gates reflecting on a life well spent? Your CAD loving special someone can relive these memories over and over again with Ctrl+Alt+Del’s “Wintereenmas is Coming” T-shirt or baby tee, featuring lovable goofball Ethan McManus sitting triumphant over a Throne of Games. It’s a Wintereenmas miracle!

How about for that unique furry in your life? You know, the one who draws furries, but just cant commit to the fursuiting thing because those costumes are way too warm inside and it’s also way too heavy? What then, Einstein? Rick Griffin has got you covered, with a series of Housepets inspired T-shirts that scream, “I have a fuzzy belly for you to rub and a festive bell so you know where I am at all times. Let’s go out for walkies!”

Have you ever felt, “Man, my friend would be a whole lot classier if he had something tied to his neck, perhaps featuring an obscure webcomic character”? Well… keep looking. Because Dr. McNinja‘s Raptor Bandito tie is all sold out. Which is kind of a surprise, because I can’t think of a single outfit I own that would bo with this particular shade of McDonald’s yellow.

Rage Comic ties, on the other hand, are still plenty in stock. Give the gift that makes your special one go, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU….”

Did you enjoy Transient Man (now just entitled Transient)? The entire tale (the online version does not include the last 50 pages) is now available in a handsome book for presale. Can’t justify the $45? How about a sweet Pigeonman shirt instead?

You know what kids like? Bears that are shaped like potatoes. It’s true, there was totally a study. Well save yourself the trouble of carving up an extremely large Idaho Gold by dropping some doubloons on a plush Beartato. Downside: unlike the Idaho Gold, you cannot peel and boil this plushie to make some delicious mashed potatoes afterwards. Technically it would be mashed polyfill, which is not nearly as nutritious or as good for lowering your cholesterol.

“But wait, El Santo,” you’re saying, “decking out in webcomics is good and fine and all, but how about something for my tree next to the Batman and the Albert Pujols ornaments I bought discount at the Hallmark store earlier this year?” Ask and ye shall receive! Order of the Stick created two different ornaments from Cafe Press. The first, featuring a battle between Roy and Xykon, looks like it would be more appropriate for a Halloween Tree than a Christmas Tree. The second is closer to a mark, with that fairy character ice skating in a winter wonderland. They’re both porcelain flat balls, which makes them right at home on your flat Christmas tree.

“But, El Santo,” you say, “what about the archaic method of sending card stock by mail, thus taxing our already overworked postal service employees to the limit?” Gee, you and your demands! Have at you these Spacetrawler Holiday Cards! They’re for when you just want to say, “Have a Merry Christmas … in SPACE!”

What the — Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff T-Shirts? Take my money, Andrew Hussie. Take it ALL.


About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. Andrew Hussie can have all my money as well. I was not doing anything with it anyway.

  2. Damn you Andrew Hussie. Damn you for being so great.

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