SPEAKING of Comics Alliance…

Reader “algeya” has pointed out that Comics Alliance has gotten their feet in the webcomic game by doing a weekly “Best Webcomics Ever” piece. (I’m just linking their “webcomics” tag, since the article-specific tag is thus far woefully inconsistent.) The latest one takes a look at Gunshow, Shortpacked!, Amazing Super Powers, Bearmageddon, and the rest.

This makes me go all: Oh. Emm. Gee. Is the Webcomic Overlook now a dinosaur? A product of an earlier time when it was all like Websnark, YWISAYSFB, and myself reading and commenting on webcomics? Is it time for me to get on that boast into the West with Frodo Baggins and smile at y’all with radiant pools of blue eyes that you can get lost into forever?

Did I mention that I’m hopped up on industrial strength pain killers right now?

In any case, if you’ve been feeling webcomic deprived lately, check it out and see the world of webcomics through the eyes of CA writer Aaron Colter.


Posted on December 6, 2011, in The Webcomic Overlook, webcomics. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Reading the new CA articles I ended up really looking forward to one you’d be able to return to writing…

  2. But webcomic overlook is deep, I enjoy a ligther comment about webcomics in a weeckly basis but sometimes I need more meat, anyway maybe its time to push the ante and do the best and the worst webcomics this week.

    ps,. happy that Webcomic overlook is back, sad because its almost x-mas and that means webcomics hiatus and probably a webcomic overlook hiatus

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